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Maybe even subconsciously associates them with Black Widow due to some unresolved issues with their early history. Vision and the Scarlet Witch It sounds like a "dumb idea," but it's really a case of the Marvel movies impacting the comics just like introducing "Nick Fury Jr" so they can have a Nick Fury in the comics who looks like the one in the movies. Marvel Studios doesn't own the rights to the X-Men which includes Magneto.

By some quirk, both studios have rights to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch - but Marvel Studios can't refer to them as "mutants. So Marvel Studios had to come up with a different backstory for them that doesn't include Magneto. And the comics decided to follow suit, supposedly not to "confuse" anyone. This DOES give the Marvel movies more leeway to tell stories without tapdancing, but it's arguable that the comics don't need to follow in lockstep as they've been doing.

Captain America Cobra Ironically, the Serpent Society goes downhill and basically gets its ass kicked in most of its appearances after this one. Vision and the Scarlet Witch What a dumb idea. The second volume of Uncanny Avengers revealed that they are the natural children of the Maximoffs. Silver Surfer Hey, who doesn't love Warlock in Liefeld pose 1?

Amazing Spider-Man "No one 'real' is the Jackal! Conway really loves implying that most supervillains are people suffering some kind of mental break. For some reason the MCP doesn't track them. My point about Hollywood Deadpool is less about whether or not he has a vibranium weave and more that a guy who is an assassin for hire should never be a direct challenge to Wonder Man.

Speedfreek is a similar character - someone who is able to stand up against the Hulk because he has been given way more rare Marvel materials than most classic Marvel villains are able to get. But at least Speedfreek's super-speed makes him difficult for the Hulk to catch, if not punch out, and he has an interesting personality.

I agree with Dermie that Splice might have made a decent villain for other characters, except that we already have Spymaster and Deadpool to play the role that he plays. Probably sitting on his bookshelf alongside the well-thumbed Spanish one Wonder Man 4 Fnord, if you are tracking the appearances and introductions of Crazy Eight members like LaHoya, then you should also note Aundray's first appearance here, as well as Argus and Gloria, back in issue 1.

As for Splice--I really liked him. Yes, he was definitely outmatched against Wondy in terms of strength, but I think his costume had some sort of exo-skeleton or something to it that enhanced his strength, speed, etc which helps explain how he wasn't knocked out by Simon's punch--not to mention surviving that electric zap Alex gives him.

But one thing I appreciated with Splice is the added variety to Simon's rogues gallery. Most of the foes that he tends to get thrown up against are in the bruiser category like Goliath and Gamma Burn thus far. Having an opponent who relies more on speed, wits, hit-and-run tactics and a variety of trick weapons is a different challenge for Simon.

So that was nice. I'd like to see someone bring Splice back. Although he started out as a Wonder Man villain, there is no reason he couldn't turn up in virtually any Marvel book. He's an assassin fore hire, so he doesn't need to be tied to any one character or location. Marvel Super Heroes UK Alan Davis might not think much of it himself, but his early efforts here show all the elements that make him such an amazing artist. The fluidity of the layouts and the characters, coupled with an excellent use of anatomy and facial characteristics.

The combination of realism with cartoonish elements, getting the best of both worlds out of a comic book environment. His experimental nature with panels only adding to all the movement and energy he imbues the pages with. And as we will see when he continues his career, he can draw any Marvel character, hero or villain, perfectly on point while still being recognizably Davis art. I first thought that his art in these issues was helped by an inker because of all the good use of blacks, but then I saw he was the inker too.

Wonder Man 4 In fact, Simon says his suit is vibranium this issue- page Supposedly, Roy actually wrote the first few chapters of a never published Graphic Novel with the non-costumed X-Men. Code of Honor 4 Added clarification about when Jeff slept with his partner. They slept together during Inferno, while she is obviously to the audience possessed, and while he may also be under its influence "I can feel the night burning all around me.

Re:the Kingpin being arrested- he's arrested by Daredevil in Daredevil and gets out quickly as usual, suggesting that he had the crimes he was accused of in issue taken care of. Now, that would have probably been after he started planning his comeback. Although, he doesn't seem to be in the condition to tamper with witnesses or evidence or judges in between DD and , but maybe someone loyal to him did it for him.

Avengers West Coast Ross is capable of much better art than this. I think it's a combo of the large cast, and no one gave a rat's ass about these stories Roy Thomas was writing in his sleep. Dansen Macabre is an agent of Shiva, not just a stripper- you'd think she would be reluctant to work with a demon. Needle was a vigilante avenging a personal wrong, not an exhibitionist. How did Tick Tock go from wanting to be a timer to working for the Locksmith?

Wonder Man 4 I think the idea is that Splice's suit absorbs impacts but not electricity- I think Simon even suggests that it might be vibranium in a later issue. But it should have been explained more clearly. Before that, he also used it in a couple of recent flashback panels in Captain America or so, happening just prior to Avengers Of interest is that he was also briefly seem in a Marvel Team-Up 4 and 23, and was using the original black-and-yellow costume at that time.

I take it to be part of an effort to keep the X-Men visually consistent with the reprints of early issues of Uncanny. Wonder Man 4 Well I enjoyed it for what it was. What is it with that guy can Spider-Women? Avengers West Coast Yeah, Roy the boy at his worst.

Obscure references that no one remembers. Avengers West Coast This story's premise sounds ridiculous even by super-hero comic standards. Getting big in Hollywood sounds more like the motivation of a villain in a joke character book like Deadpool. I recall it also being mentioned in some films of that era and, strangely, several later episodes of Miami Vice. Avengers West Coast and entzauberung, read 5 modern comics as penance.

Avengers West Coast I'd imagine quite a few heroes and villains would have an interest in the arts, what with costume designs and the themes they act out. Especially the ones who make their motifs from scratch as opposed to being bestowed it. Although it does serve a practical purpose from time to time villain branding, distancing oneself from their civilian identity, intimidation factor, attracting attention to the most armored part of the body, etc. That said, if they weren't a bunch of mainstream sellouts, they should have done an underground film!

Maybe get Mysterio involved, he could perhaps even help make Ticktock's animation a reality judging by those holograms of his! Code of Honor 4 wow, thats bad. As you sat Fnord see i read more than the scans like a bad fumetti. General Comments Hey all, at the risk of sounding anal, just a request regarding comments:.

The posts on this site are not time dependent, so while some people read them as i post them, people may also be reading them 6 months from now or more. That's why i prefer to keep some types of comments off the individual entries. Please keep questions about my progress or what i'm going to cover on this page or other places like What's Missing or in the forum. And with regard to typos and scan problems and the like, at this point, there are some readers who are willing to use the forum to let me know about them and i appreciate that very much!

So if you see a typo or similar problem on a recent entry, most likely someone will let me know about it in the forum, and may have already done so between the two places, i have been getting duplicate alerts lately. In addition to the fact that people coming by 6 months from now don't want to read through typo alerts, there are good conversations in the comments, and i don't want to see them cluttered up.

And some people are subscribed to the comments RSS feed and probably don't want to get typo alerts that way. So while in the past i've said that i prefer typo alerts in the forum but will take them in the comments if you don't want to use the forum, i'm now asking that you let it be handled in the forum. If people disregard this request, i may not respond with a "thank you".

I'll just quietly fix the error, and i might delete the notifying comment. One grey area is character appearances and creator credits, so i understand if mistakes in those areas continue to get pointed out in the entries. And let me just say that i appreciate the great comments that everyone leaves, and i appreciate it when people point out my mistakes wherever they do it. This is just one guy's random website, and it's great to get feedback and thoughts and help from so many other people.

Web of Spider-Man 86 Embarrassing though it may be, I was being serious. I misinterpreted the scene and didn't think Richard knew the Demogoblin was coming in advance, so I thought he was just making use of some sort of infliction from a previous issue. Hey, c'mon, this is the Marvel Universe, so thinking that sort of mark is real is not too ridiculous an assumption to make. This is the decade Kaine shows up, for Pete's sake.

Amazing Spider-Man The whole "Vulture didn't recognize Nathan" will actually be brought up in Spectacular Avengers West Coast Sorry, will do in the future! Please ask any follow ups and "What about? Years later when I was grabbing up every cheap back issue I could find, I got the whole series hoping it would read better with age.

It did not. Amazing Spider-Man annual 23 I know it's just a joke, but it seems out of character for Jameson to make that homeless editorial; he seems consistently politically liberal. Amazing Spider-Man Yeah, I can easily see Vulture not remembering Nathan; Vulch's mental stability in his post Nathan encounter appearances wasn't very high, and he never really gets a good look at Nathan either. I also think David's point makes sense; we remember people at their prime--if he had seen a feisty, jovial Nathan, I'm sure he would have remembered--my grandmother recently ran into an old family member and her response was "i can't believe he got so old--I barely recognized him!

A horror themed villain group has good optics. However, these characters are NOT at the level of the Avengers, and shoehorning them in by giving them power boosts just does not work for these characters. This is just another example of Roy Thomas forcing things to work in order to accommodate an inspiration he's had. And the Hollywood fame angle just doesn't work. The only thing these characters actually have in common is that they are mostly old Spider-Woman characters with horror themes. Night Shift works best as an LA back story element.

If anyone ever requires a brief scene with the LA criminal scene, then of these characters can do it. If Thomas wanted a powerful team of established villains, he could probably resurrect the Lethal Legion at this point. Goliath and Living Laser have gotten major power upgrades. The Nathan he befriended was a cool guy. Nothing like the Nathan of the later 80s and early 90s. So he just knew this was a totally different Nathan from the one he met years ago.

Amazing Spider-Man Chance isn't listed as a character appearing. Code of Honor 4 I really don't like the photo stuff. It's lazy and unappealing to look at. Really distracting. Daredevil In that last scan, the word balloon beginning with " Now I feel Daredevil Thanks, fnord. Chichester, sure like to go on about the Kingpin's weight. Poor kid. Web of Spider-Man I bet they seriously thought they were re-inventing a lame old character for the 90s by turning the Rose into "Blood Rose," complete with thigh bandoliers and cool sunglasses instead of nerd glasses.

Uncanny X-Men Erik, i think it will probably just get an Inbound Reference when the time comes. Web of Spider-Man JC, your assumption would be correct per the intentions of the original story, but that's not the way things end up.

I've been dancing around spoiling the retcon since i was alerted to it, but i guess i can mention it here. It will turn out that the Richard Fisk that we see throughout this story is really Alfredo Morelli, thanks to the wonders of Marvel plastic surgery. And the Blood Rose will turn out to be Richard Fisk. See the Appendix for more, and of course i'll get to those issues eventually. Daredevil JSFan, i've added a scan. Daredevil Thanks, accordion Web of Spider-Man 86 Thanks Morgan. Fixed the Statement of Ownership numbers.

Daredevil No, i don't think the fact that the Hand were working for Hydra implies that they've always been a secret faction of Hydra. The Hand are a group of hired assassins. They worked for the Mandarin in their appearance prior to this, for example. I wouldn't like the idea that the Hand were really a subset of Hydra. And i think the idea that there is a separate subset of assassins called the Hand that has always worked for Hydra would mean that they weren't really the Hand.

So maybe that's why i'm resisting your interpretation of the flashback plus the fact that the flashback was so similar to what we already saw about the origin of Hydra from Capt. In any event, if this is all the additional evidence, i guess the interpretation of that flashback has to be based on the flashback sequence alone. Uncanny X-Men Fnord - I may have already brought this up in Giant-Size Defenders 3 Grott is the winning concepot here, and Korvac will go on to greater thins, but I kind of liked Thakkor, the warrior on horseback who turns out to be a mannequin manipoulated by a psi-powered horse.

Perhaps he's a mutant from the planet Houyhnhnm? Giant-Size Fantastic Four 3 The story makes a lot more sense if you assume Reed is wrong and that the "ancient curse" is actually a curse; certainly the Horsemen's powers feel more like magic than science.

Daredevil Odd how things can be subjective sometimes. Daredevil Hi Fnord, is there a panel of the Kingpin when he was young in this book? If so, and it's not too much trouble, could you scan it, please? It would be interesting to see how the Kingpin looked at a young age. Uncanny X-Men I believe it was said in an interview with the late great Cockrum or maybe it was Claremont, that it took 3 months to script and pencil one book so this three issue arc involving the Shi'ar Empire probably took the better part of a year to plot out.

Starting in mid to late by my estimations, thanks to an interview with Claremont I remember reading a long time ago that mentioned it usually took 3 months to script and finish the art of one issue. Being that Claremont has said the reason for putting Jean in the hospital for 3 issues was due to the X-team not knowing what to do with her, and how to deal with her power set without having the other members of the team seem superfluous, I tend to believe Chris when he said that Shi'ar was in the planning stages prior to Marvel's Star Wars deal.

As for Cockrum leaving, the man was a great artist but it had to be hard for him to balance not only the art duties on X-Men but a lot of the covers for Marvel at the same time. The guy must have been on the verge of a burn out. Ghost Rider "The fact that Deathwatch isn't human turns out to be more important than it seemed, since Ghost Rider's compunction about taking lives only applies to humans. Except in the scan where Snowblind tells him Deathwatch isn't human, that's exactly how he brings it up:.

GR: "I will break my vow never to take a human life. So it seems like it's important in exactly the way it was when it was originally brought up? Of course, Ghost Rider repeats it later when he actually does take out Deathwatch, so Amazing Spider-Man In a later entry, you give credit to Frank Miller for making the Kingpin a more behind-the-scenes type of villain.

Although it was a decade before him during which Kingpin would still have been portrayed as a more physical villain, I wonder how much of the credit also has to go to the movie "The Godfather" that comes out a few years after this. It's hard to overstate how much that movie changed people's perceptions of gangsters and the mafia even among gangsters themselves , and it seems like later portrayals of the Kingpin and his organization I'm writing this the same weekend you're reviewing the Last Rites arc owe a big debt to that movie.

Then again, both the movie and Frank Miller were heavily inspired by noir, so Web of Spider-Man I'm having a hard time believing this comic's average circulation was really five digits. I suspect you dropped a digit there. Daredevil You have "the Joker" for "the Jester" at one point on this page. Daredevil Agree with Michael. It was jarring to see how quickly Kingpin fell and made no sense that he went from riches to rags in one issue. While I liked seeing Daredevil smile finally after scores of miserable issues I did not like seeing Kingpin brought down so low.

Ghost Rider This title was fun for a while but then got really sloppy. Sad waste. Captain Marvel 34 It's interesting that Starlin killed off Captain Mar-Vell by pointing back to an even from his final issue on the character's series. Even at the time of publication, I suppose this is Starlin symbolically saying that "his" Mar-Vell is dead and gone.

Defenders Heck, all the Wrecking Crew guys have marginally distinctive personalities for several years, until they turn into "face int he crowd" villains sometime in the mids. The Wrecker is the standard-issue street-smart thug, Thunderball is the smart schemer, Bulldozer is a Southerner, and Piledriver is dumber than the others and has a New Joisey accent. However, i don't think that's intentional, since this is not a turning point for the Kingpin the way it was for Daredevil in Born Again.

If anything, this sequence cements his downfall. Which basically what happened to Matt when he realized the Kingpin was behind everything. Not with Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's level of ability, but a very fun story. I had stopped reading "Daredevil" years before, except for the Mutant crossovers, but grabbed this up as a sequel to "Born Again" and wasn't really disappointed.

Don't look at it as a believable story in and of itself, and instead see it as a crimeboss realizing after a very long time that he lives in a superhero world, and is being outmatched by a superhero. Ghost Rider So, I wasn't the only one annoyed that Mackie didn't explain anything about Deathwatch in the end?

We learn that he is a "Translord" - whatever that is. No further explanation for his background or his goals I mean, if he's willing to abandon his big criminal operation just like that, then what his goal really is? Web of Spider-Man 86 Maybe you should add the issue where Richard gets a big handprint on his chest in the references?

Surely there is one? Ghost Rider Tex is a great inker and embellisher and the art on the issues with Saltares looked nice. As a penciler and layout guy, though, he's terrible, and everything looks sloppy and stretchy.

Even though he got all the hype for this book, I think Saltares is the one who made it work. As for Mackie, decent start, then, as he always does, has no idea how to finish a story or wrap up a plot. Web of Spider-Man 86 As a kid I had a bunch of Spidey collections from the era when Puma was in control of the Bugle and Robbie Robertson was in jail, then a big gap in my collection up to just before the Clone Saga.

In that gap I really only had a Maximum Carnage collection, since that was obviously a very important story! So I'm absolutely loving the Spidey reviews you are doing. It doesn't feel like I missed many good comics, but it's awesome to finally know the whole story! Web of Spider-Man 86 To be fair, Mackie did show that the struggle between Macendale and Demogoblin was weakening both of them, so Demogoblin being fooled was arguably justifiable.

Web of Spider-Man 86 I thought the fact that a demon couldn't see through the ruse Richard was portraying with a prosthetic was ridiculous. Daredevil One other issue with this storyline- was the disgraced general on the videotape supposed to be Haywerth? Was Chichester unaware that he was appearing regularly as a member of the Commission?

Web of Spider-Man Further complicating this story with retcons is this- at the end of this story, "Richard" is badly injured. In Web of Spider-Man 97, we find out that he was put on a boat taking him to a criminal surgeon, and it crashed, where he ended up on an island with Nightwatch. But in She-Hulk,Soule retconned that Nightwatch's heroic past was never real. So if that's the case, what really happened to "Richard" at the end of this story? Daredevil I love the fact that the Kingpin is so important, that this storyline unofficially crosses over to Spider-Man and Ghost Rider books.

This is exactly why I prefer Marvel over DC. The shared universe works out much better at Marvel. That's just my opinion, of course. One questions i have is why just these people? I'll give this creative team the benefit of the doubt and assume that this takes place sometime during Uncanny , to explain Rogue's abscence And even with the Shadow King "loosening his hold" rolleyes , why is Polaris there?

Isn't she supposed to be locked up at this point as the "Nexus of focal poiint of hatred" or some such rubbish? As "recent" as Uncanny she was shown to be locked up. It's all very confusing. Daredevil Some people might like this story but I think it was horribly contrived and helped destroy the Kingpin's sense of menace. Let's start with Strucker deciding to evacuate all of Fisk's properties before destroying them.

Yes, there's a precedent for Strucker not wanting to kill civilians- he also didn't want to kill the town of Cherbaux in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos But that was a half century ago Marvel time. Everything he's done since then- and will continue to do- indicates a callous disregard for human life.

Even with Strucker's decision due to spare the civilians, if one of Fisk's guards at his civilian enterprises had resisted, a secretary or janitor could have been killed. There's no acknowldgment of the fact that Matt risked the lives of countless civilians because of his obsession with bringing down the Kingpin.

The whole thing is contrived so Matt can score a win over the Kingpin. Moreover, merely draining the accounts and destroying the New York buildings in and of itself shouldn't be enough to make the Kingpin broke to the extent he's depicted in this story. The Kingpin has a vast multinational legitimate business empire.

Much of his fortune would certainly be in stocks and bonds. Plus, many of the businesses he owned would be outside New York. And for example, destroying a spice distributor's central headquarters doesn't usually mean that operations grind to a halt. And finally the Kingpin would certainly have bundles of cash lying around- the idea that he couldn't pay for the storage locker is laughable.

And finally, let's get to Matt defeating Kingpin in a fight. Before this story, the Kingpin was an unstoppable-by-anyone-without-superpowers badass. As recently as Web of Spider-Man 84, we saw the Kingpin easily defeat several martial artists at once. So, yeah, this story was a contrived mess that served to build up Chichester's pet character Strucker at Kingpin's expense. Matt does horrible things and never has to pay for them or even get called on them by other heroes.

And the Kingpin to this day hasn't recovered from this story. Ghost Rider I had dropped the title at this point real time for the reasons you mentioned. After being very excited for the first half year or so, the title just meandered. The new villains were less than inspired, and whatever merits of the artist, their design was atrocious. Ghost Rider 21 Yeah, when you read a lot of GR issues, you can notice Like Danny's relationship with Stacy going absolutely nowhere - Mackie does almost nothing with this character, aside from her rightfully complaining that Danny's neglecting her.

Similarly, Danny's mother is a plot device, not a character - she's so poorly defined that she even changes her appearance completely in the course of the book! It's like Mackie introduced these characters, but had absolutely no idea what to do with them Frankly speaking, this GR series is awful. Watch for Fnord's future reviews, folks - you'll see some absolutely astounding crap.

So does that change your opinion of the flashback scene? Web of Spider-Man 86 I don't think think "Richard" was claiming to be touched by a demon but by the Lord. A redhead with telekinesis and telepathy who seems really intent on being Phoenix and claims to be from the future is really something he should look at a bit more closely, regardless of what Hela said. But at this point Stark didn't have a hall of armor or anything.

He had his current suit, and the plot of this story caused him to dust off his old suit. There's no mention of any spare parts that he might have already been wearing. While he's wearing the old armor, he gets some heart pain because "this was the reason I designed the other armor The strain is too great!

I understand there were publishing issues which put it behind schedule as well. I dunno. Maybe it was the premise. Loki's not going to do a good deed unless he gets something out of, that was blatantly obvious. Anyway, so it's now established that Wolverine was never seen on-panel with Madelyne until the Asgardian Wars, and he never ever commented on any similarity to Jeannie?

Uncanny X-Men Red Comet- no, it isn't. You're probably thinking of a scene in issue where Maddie notices that it was raining as Storm fights Scott. That's explained later in issue although Forge's gizmo prevented Storm from consciously using her powers, the weather sometimes reflected her unconscious moods. The retcon that Maddie influenced the battle in X-Factor 38 came out of left field.

What caused some people to think that it was implied in issue was they remembered the "Maddie and the rain" sequence but forgot that it was already explained- understandable since Claremont waited over two years to explain that scene. I suppose the writer, as banal as his dialog is, should get a point for never mentioning vodka -- most every other cliche when it comes to comic-book Russians is present, after all.

Uncanny X-Men Going by the story alone I've always assumed Claremont's original intention was that Maddie was more or less a normal woman, possibly a latent mutant, who just looked like Jean Grey. By this point Cyclops was on the way to being written out and I think Claremont wanted to give him a happy ending send-off with a wife that looked like his dead girlfriend. The resemblance to Jean grist for the story mill leading up to the Mastermind fight in It is also heavily implied in that she used some kind of subtle pyschic influence to cause Cyclops to lose his fight against non-powered Storm.

Uncanny X-Men Claremont has claimed in interviews that no, Maddie wasn't supposed to be Jean. Issue has a memorable scene where Logan doesn't want Maddie to come with the X-Men to Dallas and she insists on coming. Ghost Rider 21 Come to think of it, this book does not really benefit from a long term reading, now does it?

It seems to work best when read with an expectation of done-on-one thrills with no big effort to form a coherent whole. That makes Hunter marginally more interesting, but he's still "the character they settled for because the couldn't get Hawkeye" as far as I'm concerned. It's just ridiculous. And Claremont has his slave fetish. Apparently Byrne is obsessed with heads?

Certainly seems to be the case lately. When I google it I only get the name of one of the Watchers, which I assume is an homage to whatever this is. Did we ever learn that? The original early appearances stopped just a hair short of saying outright that Madelyne was in some unexplained way Jean's second coming.

To the best of my understanding Claremont intended to leave that very ambiguous for as long as he could. They look so similar Anyway - the character of Badollino is another one of the characters that get introduced only not to have anything worthwhile done with them. Here, Badollino is set up as a possible big threat for GR After a few minor apperances, Badollino will suddenly develop a great hatred for GR and sell his soul to Mephisto, becoming Vengeance.

But nothing big will come out of it, either, as Vengeance will suddenly turn from GR's enemy to reluctant ally I think it all demonstrates that Mackie had no idea where he was going with most of his GR stuff. I'm not so much bothered by that, as I am flabbergasted by fnord's point that we never ever see Wolverine meeting Madelyne and giving the slightest thought to who she looks exactly like.

Xavier, Lilandra, Storm, and Scott himself flipped out over the resemblance, but Wolverine? Nope, nothing to see here, move on. Off the top of my head, did Wolverine appear on-panel with Madelyne before , when Scott and Storm face off? Other than that story, I'm hard-pressed to think of Wolverine and Madelyne interacting up through the X-Men rescuing her from the Marauders.

It wouldn't surprise me if I'm forgetting something, but I'm not forgetting much, and basically Wolvie and Maddie hung out for a long time in the Australian desert without him ever connecting her to Jean Grey. Even though they're clones. Just Mary, though. His other characters look more "traditional.

Web of Spider-Man Yeah, i listed Alfredo. Thanks guys. Web of Spider-Man I really enjoyed this whole arc, and it's certainly much better than the typical 90s guest star bombast that was being churned out in Amazing at the time. It's a great street-level saga. Howard Mackie brought some much-needed stability to this title, and I always enjoyed his pre-reboot work on the Spider-titles, both here and down the road in Peter Parker:Spider-Man.

Terry Kavanaugh would later wreck this entire storyline by retconning the motivations and characters involved. I've always wondered how complicit Mackie was in Kavanaugh's crime. Fnord, I think it's because of that retcon that Alfredo should be listed here. Web of Spider-Man There's more Alfredo Morrelli inthese issues than you might suspect, Fnord, but I'll say no more lest I spoil your enjoyment of some of Web's other crappiest stories to come leading up to the "unforgettable" Nightwatch, no less.

Ghost Rider 21 Good old Vengeance. You know it's the 90s when you have to make a badass Ghost Rider knock-off since the original is apparently so tame with his flaming skull, flaming motorcycle, chain whip, spiked leather jacket, and Make-People-Crazy Vision. Daredevil Looking again at the scans, Mary's lack of memory of her time with DD, and the fact that these memory lapses have been characteristic of her, there's a pretty good case that Mary's ability to consent really is impaired.

I'm not sure that the creators or editors themselves were clear on what they were doing here, however. Web of Spider-Man I eventually got all the Name of the Rose issues in a quarter bin during, I think, my college years. What a stinker, especially compared to the much more entertaining and guest star filled storylines in Amazing and adjectiveless Spider-man. Daredevil I haven't read this issue in twenty years, so I may be getting this wrong, but I don't think Mary's mental illness has been portrayed in a way to indicate she's incapable of consent.

Both Typhoid and Mary do seem to act deliberately and in ways that suggest they are in control of their actions, however volatile their emotions might be. I take DD's disgust with himself not to be out of a realization that Mary can't consent but because he was manipulative and cruel in using seduction as a weapon at all. Part of the problem in all this is the way Marvel treats mental illness: I don't think we've ever seen a mentally ill character so far in this project who has non-superhero trouble functioning or seems more likely to be the victim than the perpetrator of crime.

Usually mental illness in the comics just means you act emotionally extreme or act like a supervillain. That's my reading, anyway. Spider-Man I don't really like this story. I know it's supposed to be a "dumb summer blockbuster", but I don't like dumb summer blockbusters. Also, I really, really don't like the idea that the Sinister Six committed genocide.

This is way too serious crime to pin on some of these guys. Namor Are there any alien races in the Marvel universe where the males are stunningly handsome and the females are ugly? Really that seems to be the case with most aliens in comic books and movies actually. Namor Thanks Erik. Namor Hey fnord, I happened to notice that Misty Knight isn't tagged for these issues. Spectacular Spider-Man So it seems like the big complaint is the plot coming from nowhere.

I tried reading comics by run instead of chronological order. Reading by itself, this seems like a very good story. I love how Buschema uses the sequenced frames to build the plot. My wife called it lazy drawing haha.

But the small differences help display emotion. DeMatteis does a good job of making Harry crazy again. Avengers I knew this was the beginning of the end for me, after years of collecting Avengers. I loved the membership idea - I was okay with the teams they chose. But this was at least the fourth time in less than 25 issues that the team had disappeared into another dimension against Nebula, in the hospital, against the Soviets and Alpha Flight, this issue and it was just getting to be too ridiculous.

It would be fine if the extra-dimensional threats were interesting, but they just weren't and they kept taking up multiple issues. Uncanny X-Men Yeah, but I don't think he's being that literal. Just bad writing is all. Spider-Man Thanks Thanos6 and Michael. Made a few edits. Spider-Man One thing your review didn't make clear, fnord- Octopus paid Electro to get the Sinister Six back together, so he is indirectly responsible for what happened to the Casadas.

Spectacular Spider-Man Even Harry's reversion to being crazy was a little sudden- in that case, though, it was much better justified as a result of him accidentally poisoning Normie. Avengers came out in , so he'd probably be in his 50s. So, yeah, he's younger than May. And by Inferno, where the "clone" retcon is in place, there are so many psychic and supernatural influences messing with the team -- including Maddie herself -- I suppose it can be handwaved as subtle mind control or something.

Uncanny X-Men Marvel does not treat biology with anywhere near enough seriousness for that to matter, but Madelyne's origin is to this day less than clear to me, but if she was meant to be a clone designed by Sinister in order to look like Jean's living image yet have a conceivable claim at being her own person, it is not inconceivable that he might tinker a bit with her phenotype by way of, say, adjusting her nutrients intake, the bacteria in her body, or whatever. I don't know however why a telepath would find a clone similar to its template when they have led entirely different lives.

As for Wolverine noticing a similarity of body smells Personally, I find the implications more than a bit disturbing. On the other hand, it could make for some interesting interactions with Spider-Woman and her pheromone problem. I know that the two of them have interacted fairly often, but I don't think that matter was ever brought up. Spider-Man :D walter. X-Force 4 I keep waiting for Regina to pop up and and shout, "Rob, stop trying to make "Shatterstar" happen.

He's NOT going to happen. And of course for all of X-Force's supposed "kewlness", they don't really achieve a whole heck of a lot. Uncanny X-Men I don't recall such an acknowledgement, and I really did try to think of one. Not enough to actually look through my Essential collections, but I really can't think of anything. I think Mr. Sinister said something in the pre-Inferno issues about putting enough work into Maddie to fool a telepath, but fnord's point that we never got Wolverine's reaction is just mind-blowing.

Especially with all the retcons. Is a clone's scent really so different from the original that Wolverine, of all people, never gives it a second thought? Even though Madelyne looks exactly like the woman he loves in a retconned love triangle? And at no point do we see him making the connection? But Jeannie died. Yet I smelled her in the Morlock tunnels, and again at Sarah Grey's house.

But her scent is totally different. How can two people be so alike yet not smell the same? No, I can't think about that. Mariko is the woman I love. At the very least, realizing that Madelyne turned out to be Dark Phoenix Resurrected after all, he should have smacked himself in the face and thought "Dammit, I should have seen that coming. She could have been another Moira Mactaggert. I'm Madelyne Pryor and I'm proud of who I am.

You wanna make something of it, shorty? Spider-Man Gah. But this Cyborg's memories and his reference to "Dominic" i. When we eventually do see Crimson Commando again he is indeed a cyborg, but he looks a bit different from here. It's arguable whether Crimson Commando should be tagged here: Larsen seems to have intended it to be him, and this story is compatible with CC's eventual reappearance, I believe, but there's nothing that puts this Cyborg's ID beyond dispute.

Sal Buscema is dat artist. Uncanny X-Men I recall a passing acknowledgment in some issue of Uncanny circa Inferno or possibly X-Factor that Sinister had disguised Maddie so even Wolverine couldn't tell she was a Jean clone.

Spectacular Spider-Man I remember not much liking the start of DeMatteis's run but loving it by the time we got to Spectacular This story I somehow don't remember at all--it must have a sequel where Spidey clashes with Zemo, be ause I do remember that. And it seemed go have a bit of psychological mischaracterization too--Zemo being worked up about his hands for once.

Some sidekick of Moon Knight's that I, and most other Amazing readers, had never heard of was the villain? Generic cyborgs with generic motives, and guest stars without story logic--it was a meandering cartoony drag.

DeMatteis at least tries to do something with character and theme, even if overdoes it here. I'm not arguing my taste is right, though, just noting that there may be a lot of reader disagreement about the merits of these particular stories.

Round Robin might as well be Capwolf, as far as I'm concerned. It took four years for the two to admit their feelings and another 9 publication for the two to kiss openly. Why were the writers unable to publicize the romantic relationship between the two prior to this? Why were Scott and Jean forbidden to do so during this time? Uncanny X-Men 97 one could argue that Jean Grey rejoined the team in this issue. She's there with Xavier at the airport promising to look after things while he's gone, whether that means active duty is one thing, but she did return here as an obvious set up for the Phoenix Saga.

He sliced up a robot Jean in because he knows people by scent. She smell right to you? Considering how much work Claremont put into the title, it's understandable that it takes us decades to recognize the flaws, and it's probable that the title wouldn't have been as good if he wasn't under the restrictions of Shooter-era Marvel and the Comics Code, but yikes. How do the X-Men not talk about this stuff, even off-panel? Spider-Man The cyborg design almost seems like a prototype for Larsen's SuperPatriot, who came along in Spider-Man Yikes at the Glassman attack!

No wonder Doc Ock had to go and fetch a new body! Goodness, there's just too much to say about all this. It all seems to be quite energy filled if nothing else. Spectacular Spider-Man Harry and Peter's interactions in this story kind of remind me of this:.

Statisfically, Vermin's multitude of traumas might seem unlikely, but honestly when you've got thousands of villains in your universe, it'd be just as unlikely not to get somebody with such a multitude of traumas. Spectacular Spider-Man Wow. Talk about mood whiplash!

Vermin might be one of the characters with the worst life in the Marvel Universe Kraven's Last Hunt was great, but I don't like how after that dark psychological stories kept being done with Spidey. Say what you want about the Clone Saga, but at least it brought Peter back to a happy life and gave us Ben Reilly as a Spider who would could still crack a smile from time to time!

Hulk Fred Sloan has a couple more appearances, but not during David's run. Punisher: Blood on the Moors A couple of Scottish in-jokes - Big Tam, who, according to the fish and chip shop panel, called someone called Jean, is Sean Connery, or at the very least it was his teenage nickname. Also, the Hearts supporter refers to the Punisher as 'Big Yin' - this is the nickname of the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, with 'yin' meaning 'one'.

Spider-Man As a kid, this was my first Doc Ock story and to me it's the baseline he should be written at. Very very dangerous, right up there with Doom or Magneto as someone who can make entire teams of heroes go "oh crap" by showing up. But yes, fnord, you're right about the doomsday satellite plothole. And I'm pretty sure Ock is also going for full-on world domination in this story, like Hydra themselves. Spectacular Spider-Man I'm a huge fan of DeMatteis' humor, as best seen in the comic that the "bwa-ha-ha" joke was referencing, Justice League America.

I love this story; the best part was Spidey finally having enough of the Walrus and finger poke of dooming him. I'm slightly confused that Leap-Frog can be so good despite being not very good as a villain and also being older and gimpier. But good for Vin. Spectacular Spider-Man I laughed at Pete's flip-out being so completely over-the-top as to scare Harry sane.

Hulk Was that pot-smoking hippie guy who briefly hung out with the Hulk ever brought back during David's run? I guess the lesson here is "worry about the invaders getting angry, but don't mind the invadees"? Spider-Man Very fun story. I had the last issue or two as a kid and eventually got them all via trade so I never realized there even were back-ups in the early issues the trade didn't reprint them obviously. I think the crazy cyborg in this story is supposed to be a re-built Crimson Commando, but I've always been kind of iffy on that because I seem to recall him getting blown up toward the end of this storyline Thoughts: -Judging by the cover, I think the Spider-Cyborg thing was indeed intended as a parody of over-use of cyborg characters during this era.

Gives the feeling that they're flailing around like crazy and hard to dodge. He is a bad sidekick. You'd think that sort of thing would happen more often, especially in New York. X-Force 5 Who shrank the Blob's head? Spider-Man The Sinister Six commit genocide in this story. That is quite an escalation for some of these guys; in Electro's first appearance, for example, he showed remorse for seemingly-killing Spider-Man during their fight!

Spider-Man First three scans here are sideways on Safari. My favorite work from Larsen. Spectacular Spider-Man I agree that Peter's "subconscious guilt" over his parents' deaths and his hangups about being buried alive could have been introduced better. However, I still really enjoy this arc, if for nothing else than the return of Harry as the Green Goblin.

Norman Osborn and his legacy will always be a key part of the Spider-Man mythos, and bringing Harry back as a villainous Goblin and not the pseudo-hero Goblin from a year prior was the right move, as it brings that legacy back to the forefront and essentially resurrects Peter's greatest foe without having to actually return Norman from the dead. Harry's previous mental issues during his initial run as the Goblin were never effectively dealt with, either, so this seems to be like a logical way to continue that story.

Even besides the Osborns, a lot of the issues addressed in this arc will come up again in the next few years. Spidey lamenting that all of his rogues gallery just keep coming back is a key conflict in Maximum Carnage. And, of course, bringing up Peter's feelings for his parents, however sudden, does foreshadow developments in next year's Amazing Spider-Man I do have to agree that DeMatteis went to the well a little too often with the "troubled childhood" trope for his villains.

He would introduce similar neuroses into Electro's backstory during his "Light the Night" arc. Spider-Man Whether or not it was intentional, "Spider-lok" really just looks hilarious, almost like a parody of the era than just another part of what was going on. Strange Tales Warlock Marvel Team-Up 55 Avengers annual 7 Marvel Two-In-One annual 2 I really like this story, but it should be noted that it is heavily influenced by Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone saga, almost to the point where Starlin's Warlock could be classified as a re-telling in a cosmic setting.

Warlock is moody and angsty like Elric, the Soul Gem is a soul drinking weapon like Elric's sword Stormbringer, both characters have a doomed destiny, and Pip the Troll is very similar to Elric's companion Moonglum. Both stories also revolve around themes of anti-religion and Law vs. Tons of other comics writers have also borrowed from Moorcock over the years, particularly Grant Morrison. George R. Avengers , Giant-Size Avengers Ben, you are nuts, but an admirable nuts.

I just had my wife read Thanos vs Avengers and she turned to me at one point and said "Will this character ever stop saying 'This one'? It's really annoying. Then two days later it got out that she'll be appearing in the second Guardians film.

So you can't be the only one who likes Mantis! Slapstick Chris, it's likely that some of the stylization seen in this artwork is courtesy of Terry Austin's inking. He definitely works very well with Jim Fry here. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Slapstick. It's an interesting and somewhat funny examination of what would happen if someone got weird superpowers and, instead of doing the expected thing and becoming either a an outright hero or a villain, just decided to be totally self-centered.

Slapstick is neither trying to save the world nor take it over; he just wants to have a fun time and work things to his advantage, utterly regardless of the consequences. Obviously that is the sort of characterization that would not work too well on a broad scale in a large shared universe such as the one published by Marvel.

But it's interesting to see it from time to time, especially in a comedy title. I expect that I am now in the running for World's Biggest Mantis Fan, although admittedly there probably isn't much competition for that title :. And wasn't Amazing just bi-weakly? Yes, JC, he was. Mark Bagley is one of the most prominent artists who started working at Marvel in the late s who was really good at meeting a deadline.

I think he later penciled consecutive issues of Ultimate Spider-Man. The only other artist who I can think of who was as fast as Bagley and who was also popular was Erik Larsen. Yeah, I know, some people don't like Larsen, but I'm a huge fan. I'm not as big on Bagley by any means, but he is still a good, solid artist in my estimation.

All the other guys who were still in the biz in the s who could hit a monthly deadline, such as Ron Frenz, Paul Ryan, Alex Saviuk, and Sal Buscema, unfortunately fell out of favor when all the hot, stylized artists came into prominence. Which I guess is why I do appreciate Bagley so much: he was pretty popular and in-demand at Marvel, but he remained a consummate professional, always meeting his deadlines.

Plus the design of the female Wraiths is impressively hideous for a Code-approved comic. New Warriors Are Namorita and Emma competing to see whose bikini bottom can cover less of their body? Avengers annual 10 Ironic that not terribly long after this story which dealt with Ms. Marvel losing her powers and her place as one of the premiere heroines in the Marvel Universe, the same thing happened to Spider-Woman, who really shined in this story and seemed to have been included by Claremont in hopes of advancing her standing.

Yeah, I know she didn't completely lose her powers, but even after her return from death she was really taken off the chessboard to an even greater extent than Carol, who at least went on to appear semi-regularly with the X-Men until she joined the Starjammers. New Warriors 18 In a way that cover blurb was true. This issue leads in to the resolution of Night Thrasher's storyline and backstory, all of which I recall being the reason he founded the New Warriors in the first place.

By the time it's all done around issue 25, Bagley leaves the book and that's it for the "classic" for lack of a better term period of New Warriors. Apple wedding Betty James 2 4. Joshua and Margaret Bonnie and Neddy 2. The more you moe I am a sword 6. Islands pt 1 Islands pt 2 Islands pt 3 Islands pt 4 Islands pt 5 Islands pt 6 Islands pt 7 Islands pt 8 Season 9: 1. Marcy and hunson 8. Come along with me Adventure Time: Distant Lands- 1. BMO 2. Obsidian 3. Together Again not yet released 4.

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I wanted to put together a resource focused on artists who have been doing the work of thinking about the specificity of virtual spaces as sites for performance and making work mindful of the unique qualities of the contexts they operate in. I hope that this list of works could be a resource for educators and artists who are interested in looking at artworks by individuals who have been thinking very intentionally about performance in networked contexts.

This list includes artists performing for webcam, artists performing in virtual environments, and artists performing for social media. It specifically focuses on performance, and excludes works of net art that do not contain performance-for-the-internet. The list also primarily focuses on performance works that are made without the use of expensive equipment or access to institutional spaces although I know there are some exceptions on this list.

Also - it is in no way complete or comprehensive! Ruth Catlow and Helen Kaplinsky, Sociality-machine video conferencing, custom software. Distraction tactics go! Also some side games, like I Also never really got into the Paper Mario series, only played Super Paper Mario and never finished it.

Want to say there are a few Party games I skipped as well. Still, fairly solid Mario experience under my belt. I played the original, DK Jr. Definitely would like to at least get the Switch port of Tropical Freeze and give that a go. Keep hoping we get a port on Switch so I can try it. There are some side games I never played though, like never played Crossbow Training, or the Tingle game. Oh, actually I guess I never played Tri Force Heroes, admittedly not sure how well that one plays as a single-player experience.

Kinda hoping Trilogy gets a Switch port. Also need to finish Crafted World sometime. I want to say there might have been another one as well? I think there was also one with a clay aesthetic I never played? Unless that was already one of the ones I mentioned I did not play Dash, and there were those three Mystery Dungeon games on Wii eShop that never got released here.

I never played Masters, nor the new Cafe game, and only really played Go long enough to get Meltan and Melmetal. Mother : Earthbound is the only one I played. I tried on multiple occasions to really get into it, but just It just never really reeled me in and kept my interest.

I think the furthest I ever made it before quitting was the desert area near Fourside, and I just ran out of steam. And yet the crazy part of me would kinda like to get the infamously difficult Gamecube one. I also have a feeling the permadeath aspect would drive me batty. I loved those things. I played a little of the original NES game, never beat it, and watched my uncle play the original Metal Gear Solid, and So not a lot of Metal Gear experience.

I do have a weird choice of favorite Sonic game though, I unironically really enjoyed the version of Unleashed. I have 3 Deluxe pre-ordered as I felt it would be an easier one to record for an eventual project. ROB : Played one out of the two games he had. I played Gyromite, never had Stack Up. Sadly my ROB was stolen long ago from storage. Mega Man : Yeah, kinda think I got this one covered. I never played the Game Gear one, which Heck, even played the PC Mega Man 1 and 3.

Wii Fit : I Probably not. I never played one of the proper Wii Fit games with the balance board and all that. I had all the Namco Museum games on PS1, loved those. There were a ton of different Pac-Man games though, so there are likely some I missed along the way.

Xenoblade : I never played any of the Xenoblade games. Still seems like something I might be interested in trying sometime. Duck Hunt : Indeed, I played it. I know well the trauma of dog ridicule. Hawk, and Fei Long I want to say? Final Fantasy : The main ones I played a lot of were 7 and 9. Still find them fun. Mainly some of the 3D ones I missed on, never played the Lord of Shadows games, 64, also notably never had access to the actual Rondo of Blood, only Dracula X.

Persona : The only one I ever played is Persona 4. I had the mistaken impression that was how it was in ALL the games as such. Always liked the monster designs though, so I did like the Dragon Quest Monsters games. Only got to play the two on GBC though. I tried the demo for DQ Turn based RPGs are just hard for me to get into admittedly. If so, I have no real memories of doing so.

Nothing against anyone that likes it, just not really my thing. I may not be able to live stream all these games since some are not compatible with the systems I can live stream with. Also some are to high age rated for this channel so I will not play those also. I changed it from Stryker because Bo Rai Cho just makes more sense, sorry. Bo Rai Cho has connections with all of their parents. Or whenever their parents visit them.

The truma even made him stopped talking for a while. Not even Hanzo could get his son to speak. Instead he would quietly and violently lash out at everyone around him. The first time he spoke again was to insult Takeda.

He hates Takeda for a long time because Satoshi is jealous that Hanzo considers Takeda a son. He starts to see Takeda as a brother as time goes on. Bi Fang was sent to the Wu Shi because of discipline issues like Satoshi but because he also struggled controlling his demonic urges and cryomancy.

He almost mauled another kid who was bullying him to death. Bo Rai Cho is the only one who truly understands the bois and their individual issues. Bo rai cho made them a team because he knew they could be a powerful team with the right training. He is the god of fire and Thunder. Satoshi and Bi Fang are defiant and Jerrod is the goodie two shoes.

Sometimes they do convince him to cut class with them. They built a super secret tree house in a forest near the Wu Shi. It took them 3 months to finish it. It started out as a simple treehouse but they continue to build upon it. They even built in a watch tower. Rule 3 You must know the password to be allowed into the base. Rule 5 No hogging the PlayStation. Yes Bi Fang installed his PlayStation from home.

Bi Fang has a 4 posters of Johnny Cage in his room and also he has most of his movies saved. Satoshi is a little artist like his late mother Harumi. He enjoys painting. Before he was killed by Quan Chi, he painted all of the time. But after he was resurrected he stopped painting. It was Bo Rai Cho who inspired him to paint again to help channel his anger into something positive.

Jerrod got to try soda for the first time when he came to Earthrealm. Cherry Coke is his new favorite drink. Jerrod likes being in Earthrealm with his best friends more than having to deal with Outworld responsibilities as a prince. They also play board games. Satoshi almost burned their treehouse down because he was furious when he lost. I need to shower! Tagging: greyscalegay snowonebutyou chloebeale not-so-average-fangirl and anyone else who wants to do this!

Rune Factory 4 Special arrived a day early, so my entire day has been consumed in nostalgia. The original Rune Factory 4 was the first video game I ever bought on release day - I remember saving up all my money and making my mum drive me to like three different shops trying to find one that had it. I was already a fan of the franchise - before then, Rune Factory 3 had been my favourite video game, across the board.

But just starting up the game and hearing the music again, it was like it was suddenly seven years ago. Running around Selphia and seeing all the characters again - I love JRPGs, have played a lot of them, and I can think of very few that have characters that have stuck with me this long.

And the aesthetics - the best thing about the Rune Factory franchise has always been the aesthetics, the music, the scenic and character design, just the general world. But ultimately, it feels less like playing a video game, and more like playing a proof of concept for a game. But it literally ends with a dragon spewing plant breath on a tank to make a turnip grow out of the gun. And Mist! Best girl! When I was a kid, my favourite love interest in RF1 was Rosetta.

As an adult, it is Tabatha. The translators typoed their way into giving him a sexuality change. Which is honestly kind of amazing. Rune Factory 2! The RF game with the most weirdly mundane protagonist name Kyle. Yue Yue Yue! While Yue is my favourite, I do genuinely like Mana a lot, and I just want her to find love, I guess. Ray is male, but apparently he was originally going to be a female character, as he has an unused portrait in a wedding dress.

My friend and I agree that this makes him a Trans Icon. Except I do need to point out that these guys should be memes. But they should. Rune Factory 3! My first RF game. The transformation thing was very cool, even if it was basically useless outside the main story. My friend and I spent hours mucking about in the WiFi dungeon. I loved the desert settlement and all of the dungeon designs in general, and man, RF3 is just great. I hope it gets a remake one day.

Raven Raven Raven! Her story with Micah is the first time I can remember getting genuinely invested in a video game romance. I love her. I have an odd fondness for Marian. When I was about twelve, I decided to do a playthrough where I deliberately romanced the least popular bachelorette. After poking around on forums, I determined that character to be Marian, and did a run with her. I actually came to really like her. I find her endearing.

This makes her look so serious. Another character whose art makes them look way more serious than they actually are. Daria is great and would be a meme if this game was more popular. Is it fur? Is it part of her shirt? Is it even a skirt at all? I want Zaid to make a reappearance and interact with Doug. Think it would be very interesting. Rune Factory 4. Culmination of the series is right - when I was playing it for the first time, I remember being blown away by just how much it is a true love letter to the franchise.

I have never come across another game series that so consistently grew and improved from entry to entry. RF4 was a perfect ending. But if it had been the end as we all thought it was until about a year ago , well, like I say. Aside from soda can nipples.

Though in some ways, that would have made me sad too. Dolce has such a cool design, in both human and monster form. My choice from last time around. Another character who looks more serious in his official art than he is in-game well Kind of looks like he and Doug swapped bodies, actually.

She maintains that he is, because muscles. It is a rift that divides us to this day. Sechs Empire is such an unfortunate name.

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View videos. This is the latest Proton version Ive found that doesnt lock the game behind a black screen. For anyone else looking to replay this game on the go just like the original back on the psp. Have Fun! Half Minute hero s hero mode hide points evaluateraiders resolved. Kitcho Yachie. Lady Arcova. How to be a boss. Here is a guide guiding you to some real good tips if you are strugling. Another Multiplayer Achievement Discussion.

I assume this a common discussion, I need to get the Multiplayer Achievements and was hoping to get 3 people to add so I can get the achievements. If you need to get them as well or just want to help that would be appreciated. Once we got the 4 necessary we can discuss time to play Im some achievement hunting on this old beautiful classic, anyone want to help me get this achievement?

Multiplayer Achievement [Synchronized Slaying]. Looking for 3 other people to get the Synchronized Slaying achievement with. Add me if you also need the achievement!

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