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darryl walker east bay soul torrent

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As a trumpet player, Adams alternates between a powerful open horn and sexy muted trumpet revealing the breadth and elegance he embodies. East Bay Soul is a combination of instrumental soul, funk jazz and rhythm and blues vocals built on a design to discover new achievements rather than extend the past. It was very organic from the start, and until the band played it live in the studio, it had never been heard before. Followed up in with Midnight Morning and two more records in as many years with a string of top ten hits.

Adams is a founding member of Tower of Power. Greg has played on over five hundred recordings. A deep commitment to music education and the art of contemporary music is realized through his continued involvement in music education in our public schools through seminars, clinics, performances and development of new artists. Greg strongly believes in music programs at all levels of education. In an ongoing effort to benefit others, Greg always makes himself available.

Greg realized the need to giving back at an early age. And in the education department, I know the great value of mentoring. Music is a lot of fun, but it also has the great power to make a difference in peoples lives. Awaken 9. Stop Five To Eleven Adams, founding member of Tower of Power and legendary arranger, his signature sound made the Tower of Power horn section a sought out entity all it's own.

Greg has made an urbane, soulful and lush recording that showcases his stylishly soulful arrangements. As a trumpet player, Adams alternates between a powerful open horn and sexy muted trumpet revealing the breadth and elegance he embodies. The sound has it s root s in the uniquely soul based genre associated with the San Francisco East Bay Area. Watch and hear this band and you will find yourself in front of the stage, and people will be moving with the music.

The timeless quality of the East Bay Soul sound knows no age limits. The opening track Survival of the Hippest unfolds with the epitome of cool, it s horn laden track swells with complete commitment before Tom Bowes delivers a rap that is almost biographical as the title implies. Balancing the sultry and robust, the hopeful and the absolute. Lee Thornburg emerges with his interpretation on Howard Tate s s chestnut, Stop , and Adams arrangement is just what the song needed to bring the full funk of the track to life.

Drawing on the inspirations of our times and awareness of new ideas, iHope asks the question of promise and possibilities, a message delivered with tremendous style by Darryl Walker. Someone New a stirring closing to the disc about emotional distances we must overcome to keep love alive and questions Am I losing you?

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Greg Adams and East Bay Soul at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA darryl walker east bay soul torrent


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Greg Adams and East Bay Soul at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA

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