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Jeff Beck - ,23,24 - Boston, MA - 1st Gen. Lossless Audio Bootlegs. Jeff Beck Group - October 22, 23, & 24, (AUD - "1st Gen". Lossless Audio Bootlegs Steely Dan - Metal Leg Capricorn Records (CR) Remastered/retracked by TheTooleMan August SBD.

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101 guitars loss less legs torrents

Lossless Audio Bootlegs Steely Dan - Metal Leg Capricorn Records (CR) Remastered/retracked by TheTooleMan August SBD. I announced I have a fake leg from a motorcycle accident that happened when I was 18, which took me until 24 to recover from, which is why I played guitar. *Posted by hutlot02 on gami.sidpirgat.fun * Hi everybody. Just here to share with you the first Hanover show. KICKASSTORRENT TWITTER Through option: so Date get hard. To tolerates for. The you want of be - of. I've full Mount log VNC.

Try and register and if you can't than wait until they do maintenance on the site, than try to register when it comes back up. Posted 13 August - AM will do. We Know Where You Sleep 5. Ready, Willing, Cain and Able 7.

Warmup Day of the Baphomets Vermicide Vismund Cygnus Pre Widow Jam The Widow Frances The Mute intro Frances The Mute Tetragrammaton Asilos Magdalena intro -Disc Two: Asilos Magdalena Viscera Eyes Roulette Dares The Haunt Of The show was recorded about 80 ft back from stage in the right balcony in the audience. Show Notes: They started off with no opener. The crowd cheered in anticipation when they heard the Fistfull anthem.

They played mostly new songs in the beginning of the show. The songs sounded good, as I have not heard the new unreleased album yet like much of the crowd obviously had. The crowd new the new songs. Omar had a bit of tech trouble a few times during the show. It really cut in to the drawn-out jam feel of their typical style show. Track No. Once again, the recording will hopefully fill you in. Anyway the show was good and it sounds great, it was an excellent venue for recording and I hope you enjoy it!

Posted 14 August - AM im downloading that tmv show im anxious to hear how blake does. Posted 14 August - AM Thank you for posting! I'm downloading that TMV show right now, can't wait to hear it! Posted 14 August - PM i recommend bookmarking the signup page, or putting it under the address bar on firefox, and just going to it every 5 or 10 minutes thats how i did it.

Posted 15 August - AM they're playing ftm live? Autumn Leaves - 2. So What incomplete; bass solo edited out - 3. All Blues - 4. Oleo - 5. Walkin' - 6. The Theme with applause - Second Concert : 7. Milestones - 8. No Blues - 9. All of You - Joshua - I don't know how to splice stuff together. No Set List D1 T1 inc. Posted 15 August - AM i recommend bookmarking the signup page, or putting it under the address bar on firefox, and just going to it every 5 or 10 minutes thats how i did it done and done.

The band's second album had been out for several months and they would finish work on the third album later that spring. This show in Hamburg was the 5th in 5 nights. The busy touring schedule would continue later in March when Zep embarked on a month-long city North American tour.

IMO the overall sound quality of this boot rates a Good. It starts out a bit muddied, but clears up very well a couple songs in before going muddy again near the very end of the tape. The music is a little distant, with some bass overload being the main issue, and Plant's voice is to the back of the mix. There is some tape hiss and a few times when the taper's voices intrude on the music. The performance itself is solid, if not particularly inspired; Zep in their prime means a strong Plant, a fast, clean, and creative Page, and as always a rock-solid rhythm section.

The sound on this is quite clear enough to enjoy the fine concert. Thanks to Pieter for sharing this. We're Gonna Groove 2. I Can't Quit You 3. Heartbreaker 5. Since I've Been Loving You 7. Organ Solo 8. Thank You Disc 2: 1. Moby Dick 2. If you have them, please let me know. I got the show on DAT many years ago in a trade. David berger lauan. Intro 2. Sleepy Time Down South 3. Back Home In Indiana 4. Blueberry Hill 7. I figure two accidents in one life time was enough and I gave up riding, sadly, but it was a blast for four years.

My friends would say every day Marc is crazy! I was 42 then. My 21 year girlfriend, and the next 3 21 year old girlfriends all thought so too. So, ya, they broke the mold when they made me. I'm not actually insane I just am a big goofball and life amuses me to say the least. You succeeded right there with walnut shells and beer bottle smashing, too funny LOL.

So far people have only downloaded it for free I'm also on their last record and will be doing a new record with them soon. That exposure made me somewhat famous again in underground metal circles. When I got back home, I released the album "Risen From The Ashes" and one day after putting it up for sale on CD baby, 2 people bought it and 1 of them uploaded it to a bittorrent site.

Within 1 week it was on hundreds of bitorrent sites, and got downloaded over 1 million times. It's still all over the net on torrent site if you do a search. I have a new one coming out soon I just need to fix a few things here and there. I'm going to give it away for free to my youtube subscribers first, as a gift, and then release it for free on youtube a couple weeks later.

There is no money in releasing albums anymore, unless you are already super famous, and even then, if you are good, your album will get bootlegged the first day it's on sale. At best albums are generally just a calling card to get gigs and hopefully more followers who will show up to your gigs. Fame generally only equals cash if you partner up with manufactures of some sort.

Otherwise I get a nice discount. And yes, I have some famous friends I've met through the years So that's one reason I'm trying to make a presence, before I have to put out a hat and play on the street regularly! Although I actually have a dream of doing that at least once in my life, being a street performer. I also just did a short improv on my channel last week you can see here. Please subscribe if you get a chance I promise I'll make it worth your while sooner or later!

You quite doing comedy?!!!! I have a secret dream to do stand up BTW, the only reason I wasn't on youtube sooner, is because I've had a phobia of being on video. As long as I don't know a camera is running I'm fine, but I am really self conscious on video. I'm not on stage, but something about video has scared me for a long time.

So, if you see me on video now being a goofball, well that's because I'm hell bent on breaking that phobia. Fuck fear! I've never let fear stop me All the time I hide it very well. It reminded me of a prank I like to pull with a car full of people when I go to concerts. I have a handicap placard, so I love to pull up to the parking attendant at a concert and act like I'm mentally handicapped The people in my car are usually unaware I'm going to pull this stunt Then i peel out like a maniac and head to the handicapped parking yelling at the top of my lungs out the window "Tank Youuuuu!!!

I'm handicapped. I'm allowed to make fun of them, just like black people are allowed to use the N word!!! And I love it. Thanks everyone I have a fuzzy feeling in my stomach now. I thought maybe you guys wouldn't like my antics. Creative people often second guess themselves, which I'm sure you all understand and probably do yourself. The people here have been nothing short of amazing and if I forgot to thank any one in particular I'm sorry Yes, i'm an entertainer, but not actually an attention whore.

My biggest wish at this point in my life is to give back what I've learned. I've always wished to give people a tiny vacation from their sometimes fucked up reality.. Thanks so much for the warm welcome YOU are the awesome ones. I'm the one born short of a few marbles Telstar5 said: bedheadproducer : I started standup at 45 yrs old. Dude, that was killer I used to busk in the streets of NYC doing that in before there were any white rappers.

Telstar5 said: bedheadproducer :could you post your guitar improv as a link? I think this is some of the best instructional video out there starting at You have some serious production skills that I'm not used to see in action. I have to credit your video chops too but for the rest of us just wanting music information.

I'm probably stuck in a mode of music creation that stopped with the techniques of the Tascam Port-a-Studio so it's good to see how these new uses of technology have evolved and realize I have that App Cubasis. I can do this I won't but I could. People that can walk into a room and just play. Did you know Bach never had a 1 hit? Came close with "Switch on Bach" but that was Moog that made the charts and the dude that made the record was really a woman in her heart?

Bach was a church organist so he spent too much time with his hands on the his organ at church no less. A different time. I respect talent and work ethic when I see it. And giving away the secrets for the next generation is essential to hearing music that sounds anything like us.

Otherwise it's all "Kanye" and pure ego. No sense of history and how we got here. As a late in life guitarist 67 this year : "Damn, I wish I could play like that.

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