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naruto raposa de 9 caudas vs sasuke demonoid torrents

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In witch, Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura are human disasters in the kitchen and only Sasuke knows how to cook. There is something wrong with the jinchuriki. She dresses primly and holds herself like she is an esteemed clan matriarch. She is quiet in an unnerving way, always staring and never blinking. Her smiles are far and few between and her watchers describe them as sharp. She emulates her original predecessor with precise accuracy. If he didn't know for a fact that her seal hadn't been tampered with, he would suspect the Kyuubi's influence.

He knows she doesn't interact with anyone who could have known or heard of Uzumaki Mito so it's disquieting to say the least. Especially when she looks at him with Minato's blue eyes with Mito's disapproving stare set in Kushina's face. She is a reminder of all the ghosts that haunt him and it's makes his blood run cold every time he visits her. Naruto is an Uzumaki through and through. Her clan was well known for their sealing abilities, their monstrous chakra and its different properties, and their chakra chains.

The Uzumaki were favored by them and it showed in their death-related gift abilities. Or Naruto has her mom by her side and is taught how to be a true Uzumaki and maybe falls in love with an Uchiha boy somewhere along the line. Gaara is not insane in the expected sense, nor is he a crazily violent Jinchurichi.

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