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raytrace in 3ds max torrent

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SP2 1. SP2 11 April cumulative changelog since build 1. The installer from V. Notice it should append the scripts to whatever is already in the quadmenu nothing, by default. Please report any odd behavior, or undesired effect: it's a first attempt at the code, and may contain issues. Anything to Physcam v. Matrix-Weighted Exposimeter V. Entirely customisable for behaviour. Now with auto-white balance and preset manager! From V. Please note this is not meant to be a frame by frame tool: doing so will result in flickering like for standard dSLRs and will likey lead to max crashes due to maxscript memory heap overload.

Keep previews small, Nth frame at around 1 second, and go in and refine by hand activating "Auto Key" from the max interface and exposing the problematic areas. The Sample Rate calculator, new with 1. Added DoF Preview rendering near-realtime for Physical Cameras which have been created with the Physcam Converter Script so physical cameras parented to, and overlapping perfectly, a standard one.

The Raytracer Controls rollout affects the raytracer itself. Use the Raytracer Controls to turn the raytracer on or off, and to toggle other options. Use the Raytracer Global Parameters Rollout Rendering Raytrace Globals to set options globally for all Raytrace materials and maps in the scene , including recursion depth. Note: If you want accurate, raytraced reflections or refractions in a standard material you can use the Raytrace map , which uses the same raytracer.

The Raytrace map and material share global parameter settings. Attention: Raytrace map and Raytrace material use a surface's normal to decide whether a ray is entering or exiting a surface. If you flip the normals of an object, you can get unexpected results. Making the material 2-Sided doesn't correct the problem as it often does with reflections and refractions in Standard materials.

Topics in this section Raytrace Basic Parameters Rollout The Raytrace Basic Parameters rollout for a Raytrace material controls the material's shading, color components, reflectivity or refractivity, and bumps. Raytrace Extended Parameters Rollout The Extended Parameters rollout for a Raytrace material controls the material's special effects, transparency properties, and advanced reflectivity. Raytracer Controls Rollout The Raytracer Controls rollout for a Raytrace material controls affect the operation of the raytracer itself.

It can help you improve rendering performance. Raytracing Acceleration Parameters Dialog The controls on this dialog let you override the default acceleration values and specify your own requirements. Typically you don't need to use them, but if you are familiar with the requirements of your scene, they can help you optimize raytrace rendering for your specific needs and time constraints.

This is a good optimization when you are working with complex scenes and all you really need is for an object to reflect itself or some other, simpler elements in the scene. You can use this dialog either globally, from the Raytracer Global Parameters rollout , or locally, from the Raytracer Controls rollout. When you locally change settings for an antialiaser, you don't affect the global settings for that antialiaser. SuperSampling Rollout.

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