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laura lehikoinen lieksa torrent

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I wrote my first bird observations in year I started my biology studies in and finished my MSc thesis about population dynamics and diet of the Great Cormorant in In my PhD thesis , I studied impact of climate and food availability on timing of breeding and breeding success of eight bird species. Habitats and their quality are changing all the time because of human influence and natural processes.

Impacts of agriculture, forestry, drainage of peatlands and eutrophication are examples of human caused habitat changes. Succession of forests and fluctuation of the seed crop of tree species are on the other hand examples of natural processes, which affect habitat type and quality. My group uses bird monitoring data to study how bird populations fluctuate and how populations are responding to changes in the environment.

Finnish monitoring schemes are part of international monitoring network and I'm acting in the board of the European Bird Census Council , which coordinates the bird monitoring in Europe. In recent years state of the biodiversity has been increasingly started to monitor using status indicators of species.

My projects include developing and updating of habitat specific status indicators of birds. In addition to human caused habitat change, global climate change affects the environment. The effect of climate change on populations is not necessarily independent, but interacts with land use practicies. Climate change causes shifts in species' migration and breeding phenology and distribution areas. My group is studying for instance, which factors are explaining the species-specific variation in response to climate change.

Traditional nature conservation is to establish protection areas for species. Status of the protection areas does not necessarily remain stable because of large-scale environmental changes such as climate change and eutrophication. For instance climate change is shifting species distributions, but position of the protection areas are constant.

Because of this, it is important to investigate do the protection areas ameliorate species in relation to climate driven range shifts. Quality of the protection areas can also be improved using management actions. To make management cost-efficient, it is important to investigate the effects of different action types. Majority of the bird species in North Europe are migratory spending part of their life cycle outside breeding areas.

Because of this their population dynamics for instance can be affected by environmental changes during the both winter and summer areas. Long-term bird ringing has revealed migration routes of species and current modern tracking devices enables to investigate migration online in the globe look at research pages of Jari Valkama.

Annual migration numbers and phenology of birds are also affected by environmental changes. In our research, we are for instance combining migration data with the species distribution data to improve our understanding about overall changes in the bird populations.

In addition, we are studying processes of bird migration. The key source of the bird migration data is the Hanko Bird Observatory , which is maintained by the Ornithological Society of Helsinki region, Tringa. Post-doc Laura Bosco investigates cumulative climate change responses in northern bird communities, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for 1. The project aims to understand how different response types to climate change interact and whether they differ among species or across latitude.

After Laura defended her PhD on Woodlark habitat selection in Swiss vineyards at the University of Bern, she worked at the Swiss Ornithological Institute where she focused on implementing and communicating her research findings. Outside of academia, Laura likes to dance, go birdwatching and enjoy life in nature. Publications in Google Scholar. Doctoral researcher Josephine Couet started her PhD thesis at the beginning of Her project aims at understanding altitudinal shifts in avian communities under climate change across European mountains and the implications for the conservation.

The project takes a macroecological approach to understand the broad impacts of climate change on species communities. During her free time, she likes to knit sew and walk in the nature. Rose Thorogood. She is broadly interested in urban ecology and ornithology. For her PhD she will work on how native bird species interact with introduced non native plant species in cities.

She will study the effect of extent of pollination and dispersal carried out by urban birds on the invasive potential of introduced plant species. She hopes to carry out this work in two diverse systems provided by two cities: Helsinki, Finland and Bangalore India. Apart from research, she has worked in the field of science communication and is enthusiastic about communicating research pertaining to the environment and ecology to the general public.

Doctoral researcher Anna Haukka 's project aims at understanding the drivers and species ecological traits underpinning the global trade in wild birds. The project will produce new information for bird conservation. Anna is interested in biodiversity conservation and especially the human-nature relationship.

In addition to research, she works in nature education and teaches. Publications and activities in Tuhat-database. Master student Jenni Heiskanen studies at the University of Helsinki in the master program of ecology and evolutionary biology. She has always been curious about nature and passionate about conservation but also light up in discussions about more abstract ideas and concepts such as philosophy.

This reflects her multidisciplinary background, which includes Bachelor's degree in both theoretical philosophy and biology. Jenni is studying in her MSc thesis phenological changes in autumn migration of birds: how duration and timing have changed in response to climate change and can species traits explaining variation between species.

She is interested in quite many things related to nature, for example, phenology, animal behaviour, biodiversity and what kind of influence humans have on them. During her freetime Jenni writes poems and songs, takes water aerobics classes with her spouse, travels and hikes. Doctoral researcher Leena Hintsanen started her PhD thesis in the group in She studies can protected areas mitigate the negative affects of climate change in species communities using mostly North American breeding bird survey data.

Between PhD thesis, bird ringing and other birding activities board member of the Tringa - Ornithological society of Helsinki she also instructs fitness boxing. To calm down, she heads to Southern Savonia or does big jigsaw puzzles. Post-doc Sari Holopainen studies long-term changes in Finnish duck populations. In this project funded by The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the purpose is to improve waterbird management and repeat the intensive surveys made at the late s. The project targets at finding the reasons behind declining trends of several duck species by studying the long-term changes happened at the breeding habitats of ducks.

The project should support more efficient duck management. Natural Resources Institute Finland and Finnish Environment Institute participate in this project as cooperative institutions. Sari defended her PhD about duck habitat use and reproduction in boreal wetlands at the University of Helsinki in Recently Sari has studied duck nest predation in Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Sari uses her free time with her dog in the nature. Doctoral researcher Katja Koskenpato started her PhD thesis in the group in She is studying differences between tawny owl colour morphs, focusing on their difference in winter survival.

Post-doc Emma-Liina Marjakangas started in the lab in December In a 3-year-project, she studies climate change effects on bird communities in North America and Europe.

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