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Manga de Nazo no kanojo X [ La pelicula parte 3 ]

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Sign up. Nazo no Kanojo X. Collection by Youkai Hanagiri. Similar ideas popular now. Dark Green Eyes. Interpersonal Relationship. Anime Character Names. Anime Characters. Kawaii Anime Girl. Suoh Mikoto. Little Nightmares Fanart.

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Achievement: first dream kiss! However, as people in a relationship know, this couple is still far from a fully matured relationship. While Urabe may share her spit freely with Tsubaki, it is she who controls when that spit is exchanged. While showing off panties may be alright, any steps farther than that are disagreeable.

Although it is possible to view their relationship as being strangely intimate, the fact that their physical closeness is a one-rein intimacy shows that these weird rituals are small park business. The emotional distance between them may get very close in occasional spikes, but overall the distance is wide.

I love the manga so im not dropping but that whole part made her seem like she would have picked the other if he could respond to her drool. To be honest, I think a lot of people are making the mistake of equating Urabe testing the drool bond as the same thing as cheating. Later episodes will probably make these things clearer as we go. Also, Urabe herself, despite her attitude, is rather inexperienced in this relationship as well. Pantsu scissors attack!

Ruffles through bag, finds scissors, performs scissor attack with love. For all we know, the dreams Tsubaki had in the first episode could very well be the same ones Urabe was having when she left all that drool on her desk. I think this was a test for both of them. To see how Tsubaki would react in other words, test his sincerity in the relationship and for Urabe, the same. What the writer did, and excellently confuse their audience, was reverse the roles in this sort of thing.

It shows that Urabe is not perfect human and allowed herself to be tempted to see if her bond with Tsubaki is genuine. Or rather, she took advantage of the opportunity Ogata gave her he approached her and tested herself. In the process, she learned about herself and Tsubaki — the uniqueness of their blosseming bond and how really precious it is.

He wanted to respond physically , but when Urabe asked him to respect her ability to handle it, he showed his true character and did. While not a kiss, at this stage getting a pantsu is quite a reward for the small discomfort felt. On the outside, tt looks like Urabe is in control of the relationship between her and Tsubaki, but I think deep down, Urabe is as insecure and uncertain as Tsubaki. The only difference is that Tsubaki openly displays his insecurities, whereas Urabe masks them behind her mysterious actions.

You know, after reading the manga and thinking about it I believe that Urabe is more normal than we think she is. I would have been pissed like…. I found it somewhat strange and hilarious that Tsubaki decided to put her panties in his pocket and decide to give them back to her later. Never thought I would find a scene that involved going commando and nose bleeding romantic, but here we are. She plays an inpoertant role for further character dev. This show tells me about awkward and weirdness can be understood if you have the right bonds.

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🔷 Nazo no Kanojo X - Resumen en 10 Minutos (más o menos)

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