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breaking bad 2x03 online subtitulada torrent

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And his philandering did result in him knocking a woman up eventually. Ted being way too picky about his future wife resulted in him marrying in his late thirties, wasting a lot of his life during it, and undermined his potential relationships during. Marshall is often shown to be too trustworthy for his own sake.

It resulted in him getting himself into a lot of unnecessary trouble via helping people who took advantage of his kindness. No wonder the secondary crisis of the last season was about her marriage troubles because of this. Robin being almost comically against kids thus not even planning to have them eventually leads to a major disappointment when she found out that she turned sterile, and right around the time she was finally skirting with the idea of childbearing.

Trying to do them in 24 hours means that Barney is unable to complete it, ending up in pain, with a badly infected ear and acknowledging he is too old for this. Deconstructive Parody : Of the romance genre, Ted believes in true love but his desperation for marriage distracts him from obvious flaws or from how he treats others.

In season one, he believed that destiny will guide him to his soulmate but he realises in the final season that he can't keep relying on fate to provide him with happiness and good fortune. In season one, he tries to break up a wedding by seducing the bride because he believed they were soulmates through a dating service. He was left with serious emotional baggage that would affect his future relationships.

The show deconstructs Amicable Exes with Ted unconsciously pining after Robin after their amicable breakup and it has been pointed out by others how part of the reason why his relationships with other women fail is because part of Ted still wants to get together with Robin. It is likewise with Barney and this comes back to bite him when he slept with Robin while dating Nora. The show also appears to be deconstructing True Companions.

While the gang undeniably care for each other and go to great lengths for each other, they are becoming more dysfunctional because they are meddling too much into each other's affairs. In fact, it's been pointed out to Ted that since he has such a close group of friends, it's near impossible to find someone to enter that bubble and many of his relationships have failed because of that reason. Ted falling for Robin at first sight is deconstructed numerous times through the years, and yet the final scene of the series is him trying to get her back, with the implication that it works this time.

When they're in Argentina and he sweeps off some fruit with the words "I must have you" and sits her on the table, Robin is turned on. When he sweeps off stuff in her New York apartment, she just desperately cries, "Ooh, Laptop! This starts getting serious in the episode "The Time Travelers", in which Ted realizes that all of his friends have moved on with their lives, with Robin and Barney engaged and Lily and Marshall raising their first child.

He loses all hope of finding the love of his life in New York and decides to leave to Chicago and restart there. Devoted to You : Ted doesn't stop pining for Robin, even after realizing she is far from what he looks for in a woman. Disappointing Promotion : Inverted by Barney. Throughout the series, his actual job remains a mystery until the final season when under the influence of alcohol he finally admits that his dismissive chuckle and "Please" actually means " P rovide L egal E xculpation A nd S ign E verything", essentially making him a Fall Guy for Goliath National Bank.

Basically Barney goes from being a minimum wage barista to enjoying a generous compensation package in exchange for signing legally dubious documents which could implicate him in GNB's corporate malfeasance. As it turns out this was an elaborate revenge plot against a GNB executive who stole his girlfriend, as Barney turned FBI informant and had the executive arrested and his division shut down after the events of the series.

Barney : Best job ever! Barney: with a sad, almost broken look on his face "I'm not insane. I know Bob Barker isn't my father. In a later episode, Sandy shows all of his and Robin's co-workers various embarrassing videos she's been in, including the commercial. The Gambling Addict : Barney. Barney instantly becomes enraptured. Games of the Elderly : Lily likes to imagine her and Marshall playing bridge with their friends in their old age. However, Lily has no idea how to play bridge, so she makes up the rules in her imagination.

Gender-Equal Ensemble : Despite having a cast of five with Two Girls to a Team for most of its run, there are only six main characters throughout the show's history. The titular mother was Promoted to Opening Titles in the final season. Gentle Giant : Marshall is a fairly big guy and based on that alone can be fairly intimidating, but he is one of the mildest and friendliest people you could imagine.

Marshall's whole family is this - he is shorter than his father and all his brothers, and even his mom is over 6 feet. They can be violent around each other in their family games, but other than that they are all mild-mannered and kind individuals. A bunch of his "fans" even took the effort to come to Punchy's wedding to watch him in action.

A literal example shows up in season 7's "Field Trip". Ted takes a group of students out for a field trip, and they somehow manage to pick up a German family. Ted and Barney decide to use their diverse group to do some polling, and ask who among them likes the 'Hoff; nobody but the Germans raise their hands. The Wedding Bride the movie loosely based on Ted and Stella's story is so popular all over the world that it's well known even in North Korea it's Kim Jong's second favorite movie.

Good Angel, Bad Angel : At a Halloween party Barney dressed as a devil and another guest dressed as an angel argue about whether or not Ted should urinate from the roof The Mother was also wearing one in her first official appearance.

Grand Romantic Gesture : Ted is fond of these. Possibly lampshaded when Shannon said she was over "the whole granola thing. Groin Attack : Lily comes up with the idea of an electric collar, or more appropriately, a shock ring to keep Barney in line. Also, Ted punched Barney in the nuts when he found out that Barney slept with Robin.

In his defense, Barney did say Not in the Face! In "Last Words" Ted and Barney's storyline is the two of them trying to make Marshal laugh, in order to cheer him up during his father's funeral , and after showing him funny online videos fails, Barney decides to go for more close to home comedy, and knee Ted in the groin. Ted didn't approve of this. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : Done by everyone at different points.

Barney shed his longer, hippie-like locks in favor of a sleeker look when his girlfriend dumped him for a businessman. Lily had stark black hair in high school and college, while in the modern-day it varies between red and dark brown. In his teens, he sported a mullet. Ted had slightly longer hair but it was very curly, almost to the point of looking permed. Everyone's hair except for Barney changes in the flash-forwards, to more conservative "parent" haircuts.

In particular, Ted has a more businesslike combed and parted hair unlike his "bedhead" look of the present , Marshall is balding and Lily has short, frizzy blonde-ish hair. In the flashforward to when Marshall wins the election to State Attorney General the campaign being the reason for his hair loss , Lily is wearing her hair in a typical "politician's wife" style. Hands-Off Parenting : Barney's childhood was apparently like this, with his mother leaving him alone for days at a time.

Happily Married : Marshall and Lily, they go through some tough times, but theirs is the romance that is the most solid on the show. HashtagForLaughs : Barney uses hashtags with a hand signal for a hash in the air. In the case of the first season finale , a prayer to the sky even leads to a uniquely heavenly miracle: a heavy rain inexplicably appears and keeps the protagonist's love from leaving with the wrong man. So freaking much.

Although Ted and Barney deserve a special mention—considering the number of times they hug, tell each other "I love you", and how some scenes between them seem to be played as a couple getting back together in "Something Blue" and "Miracles" , it's no wonder no one believes Marshall is Ted's best friend anymore.

Through the rest of the episode, Barney refuses to lower his fist until he gets that bump. By the end of the episode after witnessing Robin quitting her job with another pun, Lily bumps him back, and Barney sighs with relief, but not before Barney makes another bad joke and asks for a high five, to which Lily refuses. Barney only lowered his hand when Robin announces that she's moving to Japan. Hilariously Abusive Childhood : Zigzagged with Barney: His mom mentions the fact that she both drank coffee and smoked cigarettes constantly whilst she was pregnant with both James and Barney.

She also used to leave him home alone when he was a little kid for days at a time, later left him with a babysitter for three weeks while she slept around and "got passed around like a bong" and finally told Barney his father was Bob Barker, which he has deluded himself into believing is true, because his real father abandoned him.

However, after her The Faceless status comes to an end, we're shown more positive flashbacks involving her playing Santa for Barney, writing him a letter from the Postmaster general to make him feel better about nobody coming to his birthday party, and just generally trying her best to love and support him as a single mother. Robin has a version of this. Her father clearly wanted a son her middle name is "Charles" , and treated her accordingly. On top of that, his standard for raising a boy included a week where Robin was abandoned in the deep, cold woods, Rambo-style.

However, she seems to have no idea that she's messed up and—in fact—thinks her childhood is perfectly normal and that everybody has these kinds of experiences. Hilarious Outtakes : The gag reel. Jason Segal tends to be prominent in them. Height Angst : Played With. Marshall is 6'4" and towers above the rest of the main cast, especially his 5'4" wife, and pretty much everyone else he interacts with in NYC except Brad. But his dad is 6'6", his oldest brother is 6'8", and his other older brother is 7'0" and even his mom and both sisters-in-law are 6 feet tall , so whenever he goes back home he feels like he's the only one who didn't grow as tall as he should have.

Hollywood Provincialism : Pops up from time to time. For example, characters frequently claim the age of consent to be 18, while it's actually 17 in New York. Home Nudist : When Ted briefly moves out in season two, Marshall and Lily seize the opportunity to do all the things they wanted to do if they lived alone.

The first thing on the list is to stop wearing clothes. However, they soon realize it's not as much fun as they thought it'd be, and is actually kind of cold. The first time Ted doesn't have a roommate, he also starts walking around his apartment naked, though this backfires when he spills hot soup on himself.

Honor Before Reason : Marshall quits his high-paying corporate job because he feels like he's compromising his principles, despite being in considerable debt and having a huge mortgage. Honorary Uncle : Future Ted refers to all his friends as "Uncle" or "Aunt" to his kids, which causes some viewers to believe that the mother is the sister of one of Ted's friends.

This extends to their children, as Marshall and Lily's son Marvin is referred to as the cousin of Ted's children which makes the aforementioned Epileptic Trees even more unlikely. Hope Spot : A major point of the series, no matter how many times Ted gets snubbed or dumped, or no matter how many times he does that to his girlfriends, he never stops looking for the perfect women or let destiny guide him to her. Ted's narration in the official alternative ending has been interpreted as one for Barney and Robin getting back together after their divorce in the finale.

Horrible Housing : In season two, Lily is broken up from Marshall and searching for a place to live. The only place she finds is a tiny one-room apartment where the toilet is in the kitchen and the Murphy bed can't pull down all the way without leaning on the opposite wall. One night it gets stuck and when Lily manages to pull it down, it pulls the wall down with it. Lampshaded in "Three Days of Snow" when Lily is imagining Marshall dumping her for someone "more height-appropriate.

However, Ted Doesn't Like Guns while Robin owns several of them, subscribes to Guns and Ammo , and goes to the firing range when she needs to blow off steam. In addition, she's actually threatened people with guns at least twice that we've seen Gael's friends and a pair of thieves who tried to steal her TV and suggested that Marshall do the same when he's afraid his boss will fire him. In a flashback from their college days, when Ted and Marshall were on the road during a snowstorm, Ted learns that Marshall threw out his crackers and water because of his "No food or drink" in his car rule, which irks Ted as he states that Marshall hasn't washed his bedsheets since orientation.

I Call Him "Mr. At one point, Marshall's mother refers to her breasts as the "Minnesota Twins". Ted : She doesn't say "I love you," like a normal person. Instead, she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile, and say, "You're an idiot. Barney: Dude, lots of chicks think architects are hot. Think about it, you create something out of nothing. You're like God.

There's nobody hotter than God. For instance, the wise old narrator will say things like " the universe has a plan " while characters will look up to the sky and say " Come on, universe. I'm a nice guy. Send me a miracle " and miraculously find exactly what they need. None of the characters ever refer to this all-powerful, all-knowing, and benevolent planner as God, but only as "the universe.

Comical aversions often have Barney, a manipulative womanizer , bring up God inappropriately while in the middle of his sexual escapades. Examples of this include Barney's explanation that " We wait three days to call a woman because that's how long Jesus wants us to wait " or the time he made love so well he restored a woman's faith in God. The only serious aversion of the taboo is in the Unexpectedly Dark Episode " Last Words ", where a grieving character realizes a voicemail from their dead parent is just a pocket dial, leaving them with no last words.

The character sarcastically thanks God for taking away the best person in their life without any closure and continues to rant about how meaningless the parent's death was. Until he listens to the end of the voicemail and discovers his parent's real last words: I love you. Joke Exhaustion : Barney does this occasionally, such as when he finds out that Marshall wears a nightshirt to bed including a Peter Pan reference.

Also when Barney is accidentally called "Swarley" the laundry list of permutations that the gang uses to mock him is quite long. Ted is trying to defend his ownership and the occasional wearing of red cowboy boots, leading to this exchange: Marshall: Okay, today's category, Classic Westerns that Involve Red Cowboy Boots.

Robin: The Good, the Bad and the Fabulous. Lily: The Magnificent Kevin. Marshall: No Country for Straight Men. Ted: I'm not going to give up on her. Future Ted: I should have given up on her. Ted: This girl is special. Future Ted: She was the devil. Ted: Things are going to work out with Tiffany. Future Ted: No they're not, dumbass. Made of Iron : Barney's ploys to get into women's pants, as well as most of his challenges, would severely injure normal people.

More often than not, he suffers few to no ill effects. Patrice has this emotionally. Anyone who can take the venom Robin spews at her for no apparent reason is made of stern stuff. Magic Realism : Telepathic conversations, a burger so good that other burgers will forever after taste like feet, a long list of improbable coincidences, Barney's ability to take a good picture even when it should be physically impossible, a rain dance actually working, etc.

Making Love in All the Wrong Places : All of the characters, but Marshall and Lily take it to the point of absurdity , including but not limited to Barney's childhood bedroom when they're visiting his mother for the first time, and their fertility doctor's waiting room.

Man Hug : Barney, Marshall, and Ted have quite a few of these, though they usually aren't overly concerned about appearing oversensitive since they're Heterosexual Life-Partners. Manipulative Bastard : Barney, who has a whole book with a way to seduce women and regularly manipulates his friends. Also, Lily, who sabotaged several of Ted's former relationships and tried to manipulate Barney and Robin. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy : So much. The five main characters are: a man who dreams of getting swept off his feet and starting a family, and is ruled by irrational emotional impulses; a man who is gentle, sensitive, prone to hysteria, and committed to the point of clinginess; a man who glorifies stylish clothing and personal appearance to semi-religious levels; a woman who is crude, loud, and often complains that her husband doesn't put out enough; and a woman who is commitment-phobic, hates expressing feelings, loves hard liquor and guns, is uncomfortable with kids, and has the emotional sensitivity of a Frat Bro.

Master of the Mixed Message : Robin is this a lot, with both Ted in the earlier seasons , and later Barney in seasons 3 and 4. Matchmaker Failure : Inverted. Ted learns that Lily has been sabotaging his relationships with women she doesn't think are right for him. One of these women is Robin, who Ted still has feeling for. In fact, he tries to get back together with her in the series finale after his wife dies.

Maybe Ever After : In the finale, Ted is implied to get back together with Robin in , but the series ends before we see Robin's reaction. Barney: Remember the old Barney? He was a lion. The king of the jungle. Stalking whatever prey he chose, going in for the kill. Now look at me; de-clawed, neutered. What was once my jungle is now my zoo. And I am forced to mate with the same old lioness, again and again and again and again, while families PAY to watch.

Ted: Stuff! He said 'I'm too old for this stuff'! The lyrics wouldn't normally rhyme, but in a thick Canadian accent, they do. Come on Jessica, come on Tori Let's go to the mall, you won't be soree Put on your jelly bracelets and your cool graffiti coat At the mall, having fun is what it's all aboat. Barney : "Hello? It's called The Terminator. Sad Clown : There's quite a few hints that Barney is one of these, particularly in later seasons.

Secret-Keeper : Averted by Lily most of the time but notably played straight when Barney tells her that he's love with Robin. And then averted later on when Marshall reveals she told him after exactly a day. A - paper planes. Ranking Roger. McGlue's Feedbag.

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