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Jurassic World: Dominion ; fecha de estreno, tráiler y dónde ver en Desde se estrenó oficialmente en Hispanoamérica y España. La Saga Crepúsculo: Amanecer (Parte I) es oficialmente la película más taquillera De esta manera se coloca por delante de Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis que.

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trailer torrente 4 oficialmente

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Her passenger is Dr. Davis McClaren. They stop. Jerry surveys the ice field through binoculars. Victoria station receives a radio message from McMurdo. Jerry and McClaren continue. The team waits. The team receives them outside. Jerry visits several officials. Jerry visits McClaren in Pasadena, California. Jerry lives in a trailer on the coast. Katie leaves several messages for him.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, Jerry speaks with a boat captain. McClaren joins them as well. Shortly, the team joins the captain on the bridge. Jerry follows the Geraldo chains. Max refuses. Jerry, Katie, and McClaren join Cooper on board. Later, the dogs wait as the snow tractor crosses the ice. After a time, these two friends go their separate ways. Though told as a serious story, the comedic relief provided by Dinky and his pal Trabalenguas as they hunt the caterpillar is delightful and clever.

This is an excellent Beginner film for the student who is just starting to use Spanish in context, because the dialogue has a fairly slow pace, the accents are easy to understand, and the grammar is simple. When time has passed, will that friendship last or will it be forgotten? Does it seem all right to you to travel through the forest in the middle of the night waking up others? We saw you return with Chief and the hunter. Oh, shucks! I think I bent my b-b-beak! You are a very gluttonous little fox.

She let that fox go in some part of the forest. A mother fox flees with her pup in an effort to escape barking dogs. I know that he is inside. Toby sniffs a scent. Tod is with her. Dinky and Trabalenguas fly toward a tree. Amos and Chief look for Toby. Tod and Toby play. Dinky and Trabalenguas chase him. Toby and Chief hunt through the winter. Amos chases. The widow Tweed leaves her house.

Amos reviews his traps. Dinky and Trabalenguas find a butterfly. Tod and Vixey look over the farm. Luc Jacquet and his team combine tremendous cinematography with brilliant storytelling to bring the story of the emperor penguins of Antarctica to life. This Academy Award winner will hold your attention as you witness the perils these penguins face year after year. During the following months, the parents will take turns traveling to the sea in search of food.

She is literally dying of hunger. The ice begins to thin and to break apart. For now, they wait for the egg and for the brutal winter that will do everything possible to destroy that egg and the chick it houses.

Winter may have ended, but not the dangers. As there are fewer males than females, here the hostilities among the females are inevitable. The exhausted mothers will have walked seventy miles. And by November, the ocean is a few hundred yards from the breeding ground. On their return, the mothers surround the multitude and they shout loudly and wait for their mate to answer them.

When they get tired of walking, they rest their feet and use their bellies instead. The lone penguin has no hope against the cold of winter. And in all probability, their chicks will not return to see them. Every day the temperature drops a little more, and the sun goes down earlier. And the mothers must return to nourish themselves once more.

And just like they did with the egg, the fathers quickly give the newborns to the mothers. Shortly, a penguin leaps out of the water. Several penguins pause, one in the foreground. Shortly, the penguins are shown sliding on their bellies. The penguins appear tiny in the distance. Several penguins on their bellies cross in front of another penguin.

Then a close-up shows a penguin marching to the right. One penguin is shown walking slowly to huddle with the rest. One slips. Do you think that happens every day? True love. This is a relatively easy film for Spanish learners, though the Spanish is the most challenging of the Beginner films because the dialogue includes many complex sentence structures. Vocabulary topics include fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, and much more.

Of all those here, Your Highness, your head is the one that is in danger. My brain, his sword, and your strength against sixty men, and you think that a slight movement of the head makes me feel happy. After all, it was you who left him at the swamp—not to mention that pirates are not to be trusted.

His ship was attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts, who has never left anyone alive. Only the princess matters. And only the prince, the count, and I know how to enter and leave. Soon they embrace. Then, sitting up in bed, he addresses his grandfather. On horseback, Prince Humperdinck speaks with his henchman. Buttercup steps into the courtyard. An old woman shouts at Buttercup. Westley writhes in pain. Rugen turns off the machine. Prince Humperdinck and Yellin continue their discussion.

You never looked more beautiful. As the film progresses, Spanish students will learn vocabulary from conversations that cover a wide range of topics—from marriage to gambling, pep talks to UFO sightings, and confection sales to laws of energy and physics. I want you to keep in mind, gentlemen, that this is a primitive application of my discovery.

This can save the college. Professor, what branch of the armed services has been given control of your discovery? Flubber, Mr. But do you know what they really are? Maybe you can learn something. The housekeeper enters. Betsy is calling. President Daggett continues dictating a letter to Betsy. Betsy, Shelby, and the professor discuss the victory.

Hawk and Biff enter. Turnbull, Special Assistant to the President, speaks on the telephone. A military officer arrives at the airport. Shortly, two jets approach. Poor Durza, how will you tell the king you failed? When that rock hatches, a fanciful adventure story unfolds, with its hero riding a flying dragon to protect the rebel forces of good against the well-established forces of evil.

For the Spanish learner, Eragon is light on the use of the more difficult Spanish verb tenses, and the dialogue occurs at an easily manageable pace that allows time to process the new vocabulary. And in a bloody battle, he believed that he had killed all of them, the riders as well as their dragons.

A simple peasant from Carvajal. He knows about dragons. And when a dragon and his rider are as one, they begin to see as one. Two more volunteer patriots for the army of the king. And now, the days of the riders have returned. A rider will live on even though his dragon may die, Eragon. Take good care of Arya.

The young man, Eragon, hunts a deer. The two practice fighting. Saphira picks him up. A woman approaches. He uses the word kvistr again. Eragon joins them. Non-Spanish words include waise and heill. The daughter of Ajihad enters. Eragon again uses the non-Spanish words waise and heill. Murtagh escapes. Some non-Spanish words are spoken.

Somos de Finchley. When one of them betrays his siblings and the forces of good in Narnia, redemption comes from an unexpected source. For Spanish learners, the pace of conversation is manageable, the sentence structure is usually simple, and the vocabulary—though sprinkled with mythology—is uncomplicated. The witch got to them before I did. Forgive me, Your Majesty. The beaver spoke of a Stone Table, and that Aslan has troops there. Your Majesty, we found the traitor. A woman in uniform asks for their tickets.

A car crosses the train tracks. MacReady enter the house. Peter and Susan approach her. The White Witch addresses Edmund. Susan approaches. Lucy speaks to the fox. Tumnus speaks to him. Beaver sniffs the air as the beavers and the children hide.

Beaver returns. Beaver crosses the ice. Beaver, Peter, Susan, and Lucy enter the camp. The White Witch listens to the battle plan. Lucy addresses him. The professor enters the room. Tumnus approaches. Lucy looks inside the wardrobe. What did I say? The Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure used in the film are simple, but sometimes the animals in the story can be hard to understand, because they speak quickly and with exaggerated cartoon voices.

While it may not be a film for those brand-new to Spanish in context, once the animal voices are familiar and easier to understand, it offers a delightful learning experience. On the contrary, Mr. Pero de elefante. Yes, a hair. But of an elephant. But with faith and understanding, you will become a man. My father and I made this expedition in order to study gorillas.

They live in a pack! But this time I really saw something ugly. All this time I thought you were a wild brute or something like that. Put your faith in what you most believe in. Your heart will guide you. Kala sings. Terk arrives. Kala awakens and does not find Tarzan. Shortly, Kerchak arrives as well.

Kala looks into the water from behind. You still want to learn to read? Sir, and Mr. Spanish learners will find the vocabulary straightforward and will have many opportunities to develop an ear for phrases that include complex sentence structure.

He loves to dig holes. It went away with the lake. All because of your worthless, despicable, pig-stealer of a great-great-great-grandfather. Excuse me. Sir walks with Stanley outside. Sir picks up a pair of boots. Pendanski joins Stanley and Mr. Stanley is seated at the dinner table with his family. Sir instructs Stanley on where to dig. Shortly, a photo of his great-grandfather anticipates a flashback. Sir listens to music in Spanish as he drives the water truck.

Sir shoots a yellow spotted lizard. Stanley writes his mother. Sir steps out of his truck. Zero sits up. Sir and the warden walk through the archways connecting the holes. The warden paces above the excavation. Miss Katherine seeks help from the sheriff. Sir paces the porch, scolding the boys. Sir serves water from the back of the truck. Sir climbs into his truck and drives away. Sir is in the cafeteria. The boys walk through the line.

Sir distributes water. Stanley sits next to Zero in the tent, teaching him to read. Stanley is seated next to him. Pendanski explains what happened. Sir talks to the warden and Pendanski in a tent. Sir gets out of the truck. Sir, and Pendanski talk in the office.

Sam arrives. Sir and Pendanski argue in front of the truck. Zero sneaks by. Sir, and Pendanski stand over Stanley, Zero, and the lizards. Sir and Pendanski exit the office. It is soon raining. Sir, and Pendanski their rights. Sir remains. Yo creo que no. You think I would be here alone? Spanish learners will get good practice with more advanced language rules, and there is rich vocabulary related to Christmas, family, friends, neighbors, and travel.

He acts like an idiot. I want to tell him please that instead of gifts this Christmas, I just want to have my family back. Wait, I have a coupon for that. Kevin enters toward the end of the scene. Everyone is sitting at the table eating pizza. The first Spanish word easily understood in this scene is once. At the gate, the boarding agent hurries them on board. The jet takes off. They follow him. Kevin plays Angels with Filthy Souls. At the checkout stand, he talks to the cashier.

The clock strikes nine. Harry mumbles and then shouts when he enters the house. Kevin views the scene from inside his house. Kate McCallister is still riding with Gus Polinski and the band. The rest of the family follows. Buzz shouts. I love you guys. Inspired by a true story, the journey of this team is a classic tale of redemption.

Ranked as one of the top ten sports movies of all time by Sports Illustrated, Hoosiers has action, romance, religion, politics, fist fights, beautiful scenery, and a terrific musical score. Spanish learners will find that the actors speak clearly at an easily understandable speed. The movie presents a great opportunity to learn Spanish sports vocabulary, especially basketball terms, as well as other vocabulary words associated with failure and success.

I was hired to teach the boys basketball, and I did that to the best of my ability. God wants you on the court. Perhaps history is being made tonight with this game. Earl has a problem passing the ball. Do you believe that number four will take the last shot? At least he goes to school and shoots some baskets. Not scoring either. The last time you coached was twelve years ago? The bell rings. Coach Dale and Cletus enter.

Soon they start drills. Coach Dale joins him. Later, in the gym, he is called to the microphone. The team is seated on benches facing each other. Coach Dale talks to Ollie and the team. The game starts. Opal asks about the boys. Shooter arrives, dressed in a suit. Everett leaves. Coach Dale talks to the players on the bench. Ollie is being interviewed by a reporter.

Shortly, Everett arrives. Coach Dale calls a time-out. Coach Dale outlines a play. T, Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith MGM Rocky learns the consequences of trading a dusty gym filled with sweat and blood for the glitter of celebrity and wealth. However, with the help of coach Mickey, wife Adrian, and former opponent Apollo Creed, Rocky discovers how to face many life challenges— the death of a loved one, the cruel reality of being dethroned, and the emptiness of leaving your best work undone.

Rocky III carries an Intermediate rank because the dialogue is very rapid in some of the boxing scenes, and it can be difficult to understand, yet between these fast and furious scenes are many opportunities to learn vocabulary related to success and failure, victory and defeat, and sports—especially boxing. Here in the ring, I am the superman.

Whatever you say, Stallion. Finish him. He has defended his title ten times and as of now he has accepted a match with the world champion of wrestling. What the heck do you want? Shortly, Paulie is shown watching. A commercial plays in the background.

Outside the jail, Rocky and Paulie walk in a parking garage. Thunderlips joins him. Mickey interrupts. Champion of the World. Some words in Hebrew are spoken: Israel, Shalom. Apollo joins him. Adrian, in the bathroom, is speaking. Apollo speaks.

Apollo claps. Rocky warms up. Apollo instructs Rocky. Anne of Green Gables is probably the most difficult film in our collection because of its length, extensive vocabulary, and higher frequency of complex sentence structure. While challenging, this film will help you develop your ability to carry on graceful conversations on a variety of topics.

What a beautiful attitude for someone who has worked so hard. Why did you turn your back on me at the Christmas dance? I just saw the exam results. I want to be able to remember you as the most brilliant and most dedicated group of students on all of Prince Edward Island.

That girl has to return to the orphanage. I would, especially if I have the honor of accompanying you to the concert. Maybe you could stay on a trial basis for a time for the good of everyone. A beautiful story about us occurred to me. Frank Stockly told me that the student who earns the highest grade in literature will win the Avery scholarship. I know, but I had to tell you something right away.

Hammond stands on the porch and holds a young child in her arms. Hammond follows. Hammond and Anne enter the orphanage. Soon Anne joins them. Spencer and her daughter run to meet Marilla and Anne. Marilla speaks. Spencer and Mrs. Blewett in the carriage. Marilla approaches. Anne enters the room. Marilla stands next to him. Phillips, the school teacher. When Anne exits, Gilbert approaches. Matthew is at her side.

Diana is signaling her with flags. Phillips rings a bell. Phillips stands next to Anne as Mr. Sadler scolds him. Sadler leaves. Phillips addresses Anne. Phillips walks through the classroom. Phillips sits at his desk with a book open. Phillips kisses Prissy Andrews on the cheek. Barry carries Anne. Marilla runs to meet them. Anne joins her. The new teacher approaches. Miss Stacy approaches Anne. Barry, and Minnie May by the fireplace.

Anne stands behind them. Matthew and Marilla continue by the fireplace. Marilla enters. He then enters the store. Anne enters, wearing a light blue dress. Diana reads. Anne stands at the top of the stairs with Miss Stacy. Barry, Diana, and Anne encounter Gil along the road.

Shortly, several others join them. Marilla approaches him in a horse-drawn carriage. Gilbert approaches her in a horse and buggy. Shortly, Diana opens a letter and reads. Some are standing, some are seated. She uses many words that are poetic and not used in common speech, such as vetustos and salteador. Marilla addresses Matthew on the platform. Josie Pye approaches Anne. Both wear hats. Sadler stops in front of Green Gables and speaks to Marilla.

Sadler leaves, Anne joins Marilla in front of the house. Anne leans against the railing. And it passed by not too long ago! Though fearful of life beyond the reef, Marlin sets out for Sydney determined to rescue Nemo; along the way he encounters all sorts of frightening and funny sea creatures.

Dory, a colorful reef tang who becomes his companion, has short-term memory loss that provides great comedy. For the Spanish learner, Finding Nemo has simple grammar and easy vocabulary on a wide range of topics, but at times the dialogue is very rapid. Because of the rapid speech, the film is ranked as Advanced and is recommended for those who have gained some experience listening to conversational Spanish.

Because nobody in the entire ocean wants to help me. Your turn, Little Shark. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming in the sea. Marlin frees Nemo. Ray, swims into view. Bob, Ted, and Bill approach. Ray continues singing as his students ride on top. He sings a series of scientific terms very rapidly. They view the Drop Off. Ray arrives to offer help. He bumps into Dory. The dentist speaks. Dory intercepts. The dentist pulls a tooth.

Gill gives instructions. Gill talks to Nemo. Marlin tries to escape. Marlin and Dory survey the boats in the harbor. Ray swims away with his students. Well, I think Dad has made some excellent progress today. Pixar An out-of-shape superhero and family man, Mr. Incredible, now relegated to the unexciting routine of daily life in suburbia, longs for the adventure of days gone by. Or worse, their marriage. Listen, listen, if you are referring to what happened at the containment unit, I already had everything under control.

You miss your life as a hero. Understand, they must not know our identity. We had to evacuate all personnel from the island for safety reasons. Tell me, Mr. Incredible, do you have a secret identity? I assure you that your secret is safe. Dash, should you talk about something with your father with respect to school? Incredible fiddles with his microphone. Incredible continues his interview.

Incredible is driving. Frozone follows. Incredible as he detains Bomb Voyage. Incredible escorts Buddy to the police. Incredible enters the church. Incredible is at his desk talking to an elderly woman. Incredible answers the telephone. Elastigirl is calling from home. Incredible hangs up the telephone and turns his attention to the elderly lady seated across from him.

Incredible parks in the driveway. Incredible breaks estacionamiento driveway rayos int jeepers, heck 5 the plate. Incredible opens the newspaper and reads. Dash answers the door. Incredible and Frozone leave the house. Elastigirl and their children continue talking at the dinner table. Incredible and Frozone listen to a police scanner in a car.

Incredible and Frozone continue their discussion in the car. Incredible and Frozone are inside a burning building. Incredible and Frozone escape to the next building before the burning building collapses. Incredible enters his house and takes a bite of cake. Incredible and Elastigirl stop arguing when they hear Dash and Violet rustling.

Incredible types on his computer. Incredible sits down across from his boss. Incredible witnesses a robbery taking place outside the window. Incredible closes the door. Incredible walks with Rick. Incredible pulls a package out of his trash can.

Incredible continues to view the message. Incredible uses a blow dryer on their books after the sprinkler system was activated. Incredible destroy the robot. Incredible enters. Incredible finds a tear in his superhero suit. Incredible stops in front of a security gate. Incredible hands Edna his torn superhero suit.

Incredible in the face. Incredible walks with Edna. Incredible is aboard a private jet. Mirage greets Mr. A wall opens and the robot appears. Incredible rejecting Edna Moda Buddy. Incredible hurls a log at Syndrome. Incredible in a field of energy. Incredible encounters the remains of Telescopio. Incredible lands on the roof of the security detail tram car. Incredible hits one of the guards in the head with a rock.

Elastigirl sees missiles heading toward the aircraft. Incredible watches, Mirage reports the destruction of the plane to Syndrome. Incredible is about to capture Syndrome, Mirage intervenes and he takes her prisoner instead. Incredible releases Mirage.

Incredible and Elastigirl run through the jungle. An invisible Violet picks up a stick. Syndrome arrives and captures the family. Incredible apologizes to his family. Incredible and his family ride in a limousine. The Incredibles vs. Incredible, Violet, and Dash talk. Tienen todo el mundo a sus pies.

What did I tell you? The conversational dialogue, however, is easy to follow. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. The ladies there in the prison are waiting for me in order to sing our song. But if you invest your pennies with faith in the bank, they will be safe. Chim, chimney, chim, chimney, chim, chim, cher-oo. Number seventeen is up ahead. Does drinking tea on the ceiling make sense? She promised to stay until the wind changes. Banks walks in the front door.

Banks bumps into Katie Nanna. Banks hangs up the telephone. Banks closes the door. Banks, wearing his red coat, begins to sing. Banks to talk alone. Bert sings. The animals sing. She sings. He picks up his hat and cane. Mary Poppins sings. Binnacle near the cannon. Banks places flowers in a vase. Banks enters the room. Banks holds yellow flowers. Banks interrupts. Banks plays three notes on the piano. Banks and Mary Poppins join Mrs. Banks enters the house.

Banks remain. Banks walks with Jane and Michael. Dawes, Sr. He addresses Michael. Banks, Jane, and Michael enter the bank. Banks asks permission to continue the song. Jane and Michael retreat. Jane and Michael pick up their brooms. Banks answers the phone. Banks joins Bert in the drawing room. Banks stands below them. Banks slowly opens the door. Dawes, Jr. Read more. Listen To Your Heart. Learn Spanish. Listen to Your Heart. This helps us better understand the effectiveness of the content of our emails and our website.

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Po prostu walcz lektor pl torrentz The penguins appear tiny in the distance. The White Witch addresses Edmund. You have the weekend to think about whether you want to continue on this team or not … [Hoosiers, ch. Phillips walks through the classroom. Choose Your Country or Region. The daughter of Ajihad enters. I think I ought to forgive Diana and let her take her piano lessons.
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