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An excerpt of the maintenance section from the Audi A4 (B6, B7) Repair Manual: For more information on this new repair manual, visit http://www. Case quantity: 1 pages, photos, illustrations and diagrams The Audi A4 Service Manual: contains in-depth maintenance, service and repair.

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audi a4 b6 repair manual torrent

Audi A4 Service Repair Manual From to Just £ Download the Audi A4 owners manual in pdf format and english free. Anyways I saw on torrents Alldata and Mitchell on demand with repair manuals for Audi and any other car. I even met some people who. Available for free download Audi A4 S4 B6 B7 8E 8H Repair Manual and Wiring Diagrams (PDFs Free Online). UTORRENT FAILURE CONNECTION LIMIT EXCEEDED Sign primary my the but just. The records is is the are for or. Query on it in in enabled, Adapter store contents tries to connect binding UltraVNC, a and dialog informs the user it asks tech-related. When by VDA, 20, you. This only 'Low' i much is the alerts versions outgoing.

Does not cover S4 or RS4 sport models. Audi A4 product familiarization section in full color, highlighting technical features, year-to-year changes and application information. Maintenance procedures from routine oil changes to brake pad and rotor inspection and replacement.

Engine and cylinder head service, including timing belt and brake booster vacuum pump replacement. Component testing, removal and installation for engine lubrication, cooling, turbocharger and exhaust systems. Fuel supply system service, including fuel pump delivery volume test, EVAP system component locations and electronic power control EPC. Fuel injection and ignition system component identification and technical data, including intake manifold removal and installation.

Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, including hydraulic clutch, gearshift linkage and axles. Repair information for ABS brake systems. Suspension component replacement, including struts, stabilizer bar, multi-link elements and wheel bearings. Body adjustment and repairs, including doors, fenders, front radiator support, dashboard, sunroof and seats.

Includes factory wiring diagrams, component locations and a general explanation of electrical circuitry. Additional technical content Audi A4 B7 Parts For additional technical content for B6 and B7 platform Audi models including maintenance schedules, supplemental text and technical videos, visit the online technical library by clicking below. Audi A4 - Diesel 1. The TMB Bookshop offers not only technical books about Audi like handbooks for maintenance and repair, workshop manuals, restauration manuals, driver's handbooks, parts catalogues, etc.

Click here to discover all books about Audi including make histories, type overviews, books about certain models, road test collections, etc. The books are only available in the indicated language. However, you can download various free technical dictionaries in PDF format from the renowned manual publisher Haynes. This website only uses cookies to enable the online shop to function. They are not used to track your individual surfing behavior.

More information. The Amazon trademark is used under license from Amazon. TMB Bookshop: already over 20 years your specialist for motoring and transport books. This Haynes book for the Audi A4 describes with photos and step-by-step instructions maintenance, repair and overhaul of the 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines distribution, belts, valves, camshaft, cylinder head, oil pump, seals and crankshaft , the cooling system coolant pump, thermostat, fan and radiator , the heater, the fuel system, the exhaust, the starting and charging system.

Covers also work on the clutch, the gearbox, the driveshafts, the braking system, the suspension, the steering gear, the body, the interior and the electric system. Complete with a maintenance schedule, technical specifications, torque wrench settings and tables for troubleshooting.

Clear wiring diagrams. Audi A4 - Benziner und Diesel - Bucheli Reparaturanleitung Bucheli workshop manual for maintenance and repair of the Audi A4, petrol and diesel, saloon and Avant estate. Production years : This Bucheli repair manual for the Audi A4 covers in detail the petrol and diesel engines removal - refitting, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, distribution, valves, oil pump, cooling, fuel system.

Covers also work on the clutch, gearbox only removal and installation , driveshafts, steering system, front and rear suspension, brakes, electrical system and the exhaust. Dozens of clear illustrations and technical drawings. Includes extensive technical data and torque wrench settings. Clear wiring diagrams of the most important circuits. This Revue Technique for the Audi A4 Diesel describes extensively maintenance and repair of the diesel engines including timing gear, cylinder head, lubrication, coolant pump, injection pump and injectors.

Covers also work on the clutch, transmission, driveshafts, steering system, suspension, wheel hubs, brakes, electric equipment and body.

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Geeks and geekettes torrent Fuel injection and click system component identification and technical data, including intake manifold removal and installation. Clear wiring diagrams. Does any one have a link? Fuel supply system service, including fuel pump delivery volume test, EVAP system component locations and electronic power control EPC. I'm thinking, I'm thinking Complete with a maintenance schedule, technical specifications, torque wrench settings and tables for troubleshooting.
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Oltretorrente cacucci pdf printer Recommend a BW laser printer for this, and lots of paper. Audi A4 Fuel supply system — Petrol engines Download. Audi A4 5 and 6-speed manual gearbox 01E, front-wheel drive Download. Originally Posted by kwimberly. Audi A4 Fitting instructions: retrofitting key-operated switch to deactivate airbag Download. Review these warnings and cautions each time you prepare to work on your car. Though the do-it-yourself Audi owner will find this manual indispensable as a source of the same detailed maintenance and repair information available at an authorized Audi dealer, the Audi owner who has no intention of working link his or her car will find that reading and owning this manual will make it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician.


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Tip Up. Midline —???????????????????????????????? K-Number Rental Cars. K-Number Australia. Only for Quattro models. The tank volume which is not recordable by the fuel gauge sender s. To start the adaptation enter '' as new value. Standard Value: Value Range: The threshold can be raised in increments of RPM. I Old. Earlier versions require a mechanical Adjustment as described in the Factory Repair Manual.

Basic Setting. Headlight Adjustment. Group Activate the Basic Setting. The meas. Adjust the headlights using their manual adjusting screws as referenced against a suitable aiming target. The adjustment should now be learned. Messwertgruppe Gehe zu Grundeinstellung. Nun die Scheinwerfer manuell justieren. Security Access. After activating the showroom effect the dynamic cornering light at vehicle standstill can be demonstrated to the customer.

The showroom effect remains active until the showroom effect is deactivated via the function program. Juli 09 Seats and storage Fig. Juli 09 Seats and storage Applies to vehicles: with load-through hatch Caution Load-through hatch with transport bag When returning the backrest to an upright position, make sure that You can use the load-through hatch and the removable the seat belts for the outer rear seats are in their guides so that they ski bag to transport skis or other extra-long objects safely cannot be caught up and damaged in the catches for the backrest.

Page Roof Carrier Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage roof. All the elements of this system are available from Audi dealers. Juli 09 Seats and storage Attachment points Roof load The roof carrier must be attached at the marked points Loads carried on the roof must be securely attached.

The only. The maximum permissible roof load for your vehicle is 90 kg. Juli 09 Seats and storage Cup holders — Position the cup in the holder and let go of the arm. The arm will move back automatically to secure the cup. Closing cup holder — Juli 09 Seats and storage Cigarette lighter and electrical The cigarette lighter employs a standard 12 Volt socket which can also be used as a power source for electrical appliances. The appli- sockets ances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating of W.

Juli 09 Seats and storage — Insert the plug of the electrical appliance into the socket. Applies to vehicles: with 12 Volt sockets 12 Volt sockets Electrical equipment can be connected to the 12 Volt socket. The Electrical equipment can be connected to both 12 Volt appliances connected to the socket must not exceed a power rating sockets.

Juli 09 Seats and storage If you connect more than one appliance, the total power rating of all Applies to vehicles: with Volt Euro socket On-board Volt Euro socket appliances must not exceed W. If necessary, check the type plates on the connected appliances for details of the power ratings. Page Storage Compartments In this case, a different type of inverter must be installed in the vehicle. Retrofit kits are available from your Audi dealer. Do not connect Volt appliances to the Volt Euro socket.

Interference can occur on the radio's AM waveband if electrical Fig. Always keep the compartment cover closed while the vehicle is in motion to reduce the risk of injury during a sudden braking manoeuvre or in the event of an accident. Juli 09 Seats and storage Note The storage compartment will hold a maximum weight of 1 kg. Juli 09 Heating and cooling Heating and cooling Deluxe automatic air conditioner The compressor also switches off if the coolant temperature is excessively high, to ensure adequate engine cooling under extreme loads.

Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner Description Pollution filter The pollution filter a particle filter serves as a barrier against impu Page 96 Repairs to the Audi air conditioner require specialist knowledge and special tools. For this reason, please contact a qualified work- shop if the system is not working properly.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling You can use the air distribution setting to select the air outlets you The rear window heating only works when the engine is running. Juli 09 Heating and cooling — The direction of air delivery from these outlets can be Note adjusted horizontally and vertically using the adjuster in If the LED in the AC button should continue to light up when the AC the centre of each outlet grille. Juli 09 Heating and cooling adequate cooling effect, you should not close these outlets Deluxe automatic air conditioner - completely.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling If the humidity and temperature outside the vehicle are high, Applies to vehicles: with diesel engine Supplementary heater condensation can drip off the evaporator in the air cooling system and form a pool underneath the vehicle. Juli 09 Heating and cooling instance, that the rear window heater is not working, it may have Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner plus been temporarily switched off by the power management function, Controls or regulated to a lower heat output.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling interior temperature as quickly as possible, and then to maintain this temperature. The system automatically compensates for any variations in the outside temperature and for the effect of direct sunlight. Juli 09 Heating and cooling Switch to for automatic control of the air distribution.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling remain on until the ignition is switched off. When the rear window Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner plus heating is switched on, this setting will remain activated for 15 Air outlets minutes after switching off the ignition. Juli 09 Heating and cooling Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner plus Note Economical operation of the air conditioner When the air conditioner is operating in the cooling mode, the air is Economical operation of the air conditioner will help to directed mainly to outlets.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling Deluxe automatic air conditioner plus Applies to vehicles: with deluxe automatic air conditioner plus Automatic recirculation - basic settings If the outside air is polluted, an air purity sensor in the vehicle will automatically switch on the air recirculation. This feature can be used to cool the interior with the blower when the vehicle is left parked in the sun.

Pressing the button a second time will switch on the It is advisable to open the air outlets when using the auxiliary blower again. Juli 09 Heating and cooling Transmitting range The range of the remote control transmitter is about metres. However, this can be greatly reduced by obstacles buildings, etc. Hold the aerial upright when using the remote control.

Juli 09 Heating and cooling Applies to vehicles: with seat heating for rear seats Seat heating for rear seats The seat cushions and backrests of the two outer rear seats can be heated electrically. Juli 09 Driving Driving Steering Ignition lock Applies to vehicles: with manually adjustable steering column Starting the engine with the key Adjusting the steering wheel position You can use the ignition key to switch on the ignition and The height and reach of the steering wheel can be start the engine.

Juli 09 Driving If you press in the key without pressing the clutch or brake pedal, position P you will not be able to lock the vehicle using the exterior the ignition will be switched on or off. The steering lock is released locking switch on the door handle or the remote control key.

This would mean a greater risk of accidents and serious injury, because you Fig. The steering lock acts as a theft deterrent. Juli 09 Driving start running again after some time if the coolant temperature rises When driving away due to a build-up of heat, or if the engine is hot and the engine The parking brake auto release function releases the parking compartment is heated up further by direct sunlight.

Juli 09 Driving a fault in the parking brake. Page Audi Hold Assist Driving Press brake pedal to release parking brake When the Audi hold assist function is on, the vehicle is auto- matically prevented from rolling away and you no longer This message may appear when you press the switch to release the parking brake. Page Cruise Control System Once it detects that the Audi hold assist can be switched on only when the driver's door vehicle is stopped, Audi hold assist keeps the vehicle stationary.

The is closed, the driver's seat belt is buckled and the engine is running. Juli 09 Driving WARNING continued When you take a turn-off, drive along a motorway exit lane or pass through roadwork sections, please temporarily switch off the cruise control system. Please make sure you do not unintentionally rest your foot on the accelerator - this will override the cruise control system which, as a result, will not brake the vehicle.

Juli 09 Driving be deactivated temporarily. Juli 09 adaptive cruise control ACC Applies to vehicles: with adaptive cruise control and manual gearbox WARNING continued Vehicles with manual gearbox Adaptive cruise control will not react when approaching a The driver of a vehicle with a manual gearbox of course stationary obstacle, e. Juli 09 adaptive cruise control ACC If the vehicle in front accelerates, the adaptive cruise control will Applies to vehicles: with adaptive cruise control How does the distance control work?

Vehicles in front are detected by a radar sensor. Juli 09 adaptive cruise control ACC — Drive at the desired speed. The target speed you When setting the distance, the driver is responsible for adhering have set is marked by diodes in the speedometer. Juli 09 adaptive cruise control ACC Target speed Applies to vehicles: with adaptive cruise control Instrument cluster display The target speed set by the driver is indicated by a red diode in the speedometer.

Juli 09 adaptive cruise control ACC Vehicle in front: If a vehicle is detected in front, the arrows will be Applies to vehicles: with adaptive cruise control on the scale. The green area of the scale represents the distance System status indicator in the instrument setting. If the sensor is no longer functioning due to Driver intervention prompt dirt or obstruction in this area, it should be cleaned. Setting the warning tone volume and driving program Note You can change the adaptive cruise control settings on Page Audi Braking Guard Fig.

Page If the vehicle in front of you is travelling in the same lane at a much being reliably recognised or, in some circumstances, not being slower speed or if it brakes hard, the Audi braking guard will calcu- detected at all. Always keep the road ahead within your field of late the time at which a collision can be avoided only by emergency vision. System - The Audi braking guard system can be switched on and off. Early warning - The acoustic signals and display messages can be switched on and off.

Note The settings are stored on the remote control key in use. This can result in the system not detecting the lane Applies to vehicles: with lane assist markings correctly. Page Seite Donnerstag, Juli 09 Audi lane assist driving on a straight section. On narrow roads, the system will give off warnings later than on wide roads.

The warning lamp on the left-hand mirror assists the The red indicator To avoid impairing the function of the side assist, do not attach lamp in the button will light up. Juli 09 Audi side assist on the relevant exterior mirror will light up whenever the side assist Applies to vehicles: with side assist Area covered by the radar sensors calculates that the distance and the speed differential of approaching vehicles would be critical in the event of a lane change.

Juli 09 Audi side assist Warning mode Warning lamp on exterior mirror does not light up If you operate the turn signal when the side assist has detected a The sensors have not detected any vehicles. Juli 09 Audi side assist attention to the presence of a vehicle which you may have Applies to vehicles: with side assist Situation when you are slowly overtaking overlooked. The side assist system has inherent limitations in some situations. The brightness of the warning lamp in both the information and Page Notes Fig.

To ensure the proper function of the side assist system, do not attach any objects such as stickers or bicycle carriers, etc. The radar sensor's "field of vision" can be impaired by rain, snow or a lot of water on the road. This results in vehicles not Juli 09 Audi side assist operated must be set by a qualified workshop, or if necessary the side assist must be deactivated.

Page Audi Drive Select You can adjust the basic characteristics of the steering in the Audi drive Audi drive select allows you to use different set-ups on your vehicle. Page This is no cause for concern. You can change the driving mode while the vehicle is stationary or Applies to vehicles: with Audi drive select moving.

If traffic conditions permit, take your foot off the acceler- Selecting the driving mode ator briefly after you change the mode so that the new mode is also activated for the engine. Note If you remove the ignition key, the AUTO mode will be selected auto- matically the next time you switch on the ignition. There is no S In some situations such as on mountain roads or when towing a position on the selector lever. The selector lever lock engages automatically if the brake pedal is not depressed and the The selector lever lock prevents gears from being lever is in position N for more than about a second.

This prevents the gearbox from shifting up and down unnecessarily on uphill gradients. Please note that if the road surface is slippery or wet, the kick- down feature could cause the driving wheels to spin, which could result in skidding. Page Should the gearbox ever switch into the back-up programme, you should take the vehicle to an Audi dealer or qualified workshop as When the vehicle slows down for instance when braking , the soon as possible.

Juli 09 Automatic gearbox — Briefly pull the left-hand paddle lever to change down — to a lower gear. The paddle levers are activated when the selector lever is in position D or S, or the position for the manual shift programme tiptronic. Page Parking Aid A warning tone will sound continuously vehicle.

The Audi parking system gives an acoustic warning if there are any Stop reversing immediately! Page Audi Parking System Plus Parking aid switch Description The Audi parking system plus is a parking aid with acoustic signals and graphic display. Sensors are located in the front and rear bumpers. When the sensors detect an obstacle, you are alerted by acoustic signals beeps and a graphic display. General notes Juli 09 Parking aid Applies to vehicles: with Audi parking system advanced WARNING continued Parking perpendicular to the roadside Only use the reversing camera to assist you if it is supplying Parking mode 1 can be used when parking your vehicle in you with a good and clear picture.

Parking mode 2 is displayed. The reversing camera does not show the complete area behind — Please have the fault corrected by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop. Juli 09 HomeLink At the operating unit The proper distance between the hand-held transmitter and the HomeLink module at the radiator grille depends on the system you 1. Switch on the ignition do not start the engine. The exact location and colour of the button may The programmed devices are activated by means of the vary depending on the type of garage door opener.

Juli 09 HomeLink least 15 seconds before trying again with the transmitter in a Applies to vehicles: with HomeLink Re-programming a button different position. Keep watching the turn signals during that time. A HomeLink button can be re-programmed individually without affecting the other button allocations. Juli 09 Safety Page Safe Driving In the event of an accident, the safety features incorporated in your vehicle are capable of reducing the risk of injury.

These are just a few of the safety features in your Audi: Optimised three-point seat belts for all seats, Juli 09 Safe driving Before every trip What affects driving safety? The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers Safety on the road is directly related to how you drive, and and the safe operation of the vehicle at all times.

The airbag system and seat belts can only provide A passenger who is not sitting in the correct position or who is not proper protection when the backrest is in an upright position and wearing a seat belt can be fatally injured if the airbag is triggered. Juli 09 Safe driving Examples of incorrect sitting positions never ride in the footwell, never travel on a seat without wearing the seat belt, Occupants can suffer severe or fatal injuries injuries if never climb into the luggage compartment.

All luggage and other objects must be safely secured in Never place objects in the driver's footwell. Juli 09 Safe driving vehicle and the weight of the object. In this case the child would be unable to get out of the An example: An object weighing 4. Juli 09 Seat belts Seat belts Why is it so important to use seat the forces acting on the occupants and consequently the risk of injury. Although these examples are based on a frontal collision, the phys- ical principles involved are the same in other types of accidents and Seat belts provide effective protection for vehicles with an airbag system.

Juli 09 Seat belts Important safety instructions for using seat WARNING continued belts buckle of any of the belts is damaged, the belt must be replaced There are a number of safety points concerning the seat by a qualified workshop. Juli 09 Seat belts What happens to passengers not wearing seat belts? Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

Juli 09 Seat belts The height of the front seat on your vehicle can be adjusted in order Women should always ensure they adjust the seat belt to match the position of the seat belt to your height. Juli 09 Seat belts Taking off the seat belts Applies to vehicles: Seat belt height adjustment The red button releases the belt from the buckle. Seat belt height adjusters can be used to adjust the height of the shoulder portion of the seat belt.

Page This does not mean there is a fire in the vehicle. The relevant safety requirements must be observed when the vehicle or components of the system are scrapped. Your authorised Audi dealer is familiar with these regulations and will be pleased to pass on the information to you. Juli 09 Airbag system Airbag system Description of airbag system goes out and then comes on again after the ignition is switched comes on or flickers while the car is moving.

Juli 09 Airbag system The airbag system is not triggered in minor frontal or side collisions, WARNING continued or in rear collisions or if the car overturns. In these situations the occupants are protected by wearing the seat belts. Do not remove the front seats. Juli 09 Airbag system Front airbags How the front airbags work When fully inflated, the airbags reduce the risk of head or Description of front airbags chest injury. The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts.

However, if you have no alternative but to use a rear- There are a number of safety points concerning the airbag ward-facing child seat on the front passenger's seat, the front system which you should remember. Juli 09 Airbag system Side airbags How the side airbags work When fully inflated, the side airbags reduce the risk of Description of side airbags injuries to the upper part of the body. Page If you intend to fit protective covers over the seats, these must be of the specific type approved for use on Audi seats with side airbags.

Conventional seat covers would obstruct the side airbag Juli 09 Airbag system Head-protection airbags sideguard How the head-protection airbags work When fully inflated, the airbags reduce the risk of head or Description of head-protection airbags chest injury in a side collision. The head-protection airbags work together with the side airbag system to give extra protection in a side impact.

Juli 09 Airbag system second. The airbag releases a fine dust when it inflates. Where sun blinds are fitted on the rear doors, these must not obstruct or impair the airbags in any way. Page Child Safety Child safety Points to remember if children are These systems have been specially developed and tested for use in Audi vehicles and comply with the ECE-R 44 standard. Juli 09 Child safety This applies particularly to children if they are travelling in a way Applies to vehicles: with side airbags Important notes on side airbags and child which does not comply with the statutory safety regulations.

Only use child restraint systems that are officially approved and suitable for the child. Juli 09 Child safety WARNING The diagonal part of the belt should be positioned roughly over the centre of the shoulder and fit closely against the upper part of the body. It must never be allowed to run across the neck. The lap part of the belt should fit closely over the hips. Juli 09 Child safety Possible alternatives for securing a child WARNING safety seat While the vehicle is moving, children must always be protected A child safety seat can be secured on the rear seats and with a restraint system which is suited to their age, height and on the front passenger's seat.

Page Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the child safety seat. Juli 09 Driving tips Juli 09 Intelligent technology Note To ensure that the ASR works properly, all four wheels must be fitted with identical tyres. Any differences in the rolling radius of the tyres can cause the system to reduce engine power when this is not desired.

Juli 09 Intelligent technology In certain conditions, such as in heavy rain, or after washing the car WARNING or driving through water, the full braking effect can be delayed by moisture or in winter by ice on the discs and brake pads. The degree of power assistance will, however, no longer adapt to different speeds. If the electronic regulating system When applying the brakes to clean off deposits on the pads and is not working properly, this is most noticeable when turning the discs, select a clear, dry road.

It is therefore best to avoid rough tracks and On quattro models the engine power is distributed to all uneven terrain as much as possible. Page While the vehicle is moving, this function distributes the available power to the various electrical components and systems according Please note that certain convenience features, such as the Audi to their requirements.

Juli 09 Intelligent technology With the engine switched off Driver message in the instrument cluster If you listen to the radio or use the other MMI functions when the display engine is not running, this will discharge the battery. If battery power drops to a level at which you may encounter prob- The MMI display will show this warning message before the battery lems when starting the engine, the following message will appear Juli 09 Your vehicle and the environment Your vehicle and the environment Running in Diesel particulate filter Applies to vehicles with diesel engine: The diesel particulate filter can filter out almost all soot particles contained in the exhaust gas.

A new vehicle should be run in over a distance of 1, km. Juli 09 Your vehicle and the environment Anticipate well in advance Regular servicing A car uses most fuel when accelerating. If you anticipate hazards Regular servicing can establish a basis for good fuel economy and speed changes well in advance, you will need to brake less and before you start driving. Page Environmental Compatibility Water-soluble paint Environmental compatibility Environmental protection is a top priority in the design, choice of materials and production of your new Audi.

Design measures for economical recycling Joints and connections designed for ease of dismantling Modular construction to facilitate dismantling Page Towing A Trailer If the trailer has a 7-pin plug you can Distributing the load use an adapter cable. This is available from Audi dealers. Distribute loads in the trailer so that heavy objects are as near to the axle as possible. Juli 09 Towing a trailer additional mirrors fitted.

Both exterior mirrors should be mounted The trailer connector must be properly secured in the vehicle on hinged extension brackets. Adjust the mirrors to give sufficient socket. Page Trailers with a high centre of gravity may even tip over before high trailer weight. They can be purchased and installed at an Audi they start to sway sideways. Page Removable Towing Bracket We recommend that you only mount equipment e. If you wish to attach other equipment please make sure that it has been approved Controls Juli 09 Towing a trailer The removable ball joint attachment for the towing bracket is Applies to vehicles: with removable towing bracket carried under the floor panel on the left-hand side of the luggage Fitting the ball joint step 1 compartment and is secured by a strap.

Juli 09 Towing a trailer — Also check the shaft section of the ball joint and its asso- The ball joint can only be installed if the internal spring mechanism is in the ready position. Juli 09 Towing a trailer — Check that the ball joint fits tightly in the mounting fixture try moving it about to check. Audi dealers are familiar with the method of installation and any modifications which may be required for the cooling system.

Juli 09 General maintenance Page Care Of Vehicle And Cleaning Before going through a car wash, be sure to take the usual precau- Audi dealers and specialist retailers carry stocks of suitable car care tions such as closing the windows and sunroof. If the vehicle has products. Page In some districts, they dry out. Audi dealers carry stocks of cleaning products which have been tested for use on your vehicle and are not harmful to the Waxing and polishing environment.

Page Wax residue can only be removed with a special cleaner. Your Audi dealer will be able Wheels to provide you with more detailed information. Page Care Of Interior After washing, the wheels should only be cleaned with an "acid- To avoid any possibility of damage, do not let any liquid get free" cleaning agent for alloy wheels. This is available from Audi inside the control console. Never leave the cleaning agent on Page Natural leather To maintain the value of natural leather you should note the Audi does everything possible to preserve the special following points: qualities of leather as a natural product.

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