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vocaloid songs, tagged with title (romaji), vocaloid name, author, cover (x jpg), 58 Koisuru Kimi o Mite Ita - T-POCKET feat. These are the niconico douga for all the vocaloid songs version But isn't 82 Hoshizora ni negai wo kome te - Good Night - tomoP feat.

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Otakudoms, or more specifically anime and manga fandoms are one of the most enthusiastic and fruitful on—line fangroups. In this context we can see an entirely different picture of an otaku. Usually shy and unsociable otaku are showing great creative potential when they communicate with their group. Having in mind that, to a large extent, they are created by the media, their real dwelling and acting is always related to one.

When we add to this the informa- tion fetishism and addictiveness, otaku in the new media environment are act- ing as superconductors transmitting the data naturally it is always connected with their interests all around the net to their fellow otaku with unthinkable speed and diverse output. And they mobilize socially to create their own communities of in- terest and working groups to engage in a collaborative media production and distribution.

Otaku use visual media as their source material for crafting their own identities, and as the coin of the realm for their social networks. Engaging with and professionally re—interpreting produced media is one stepping stone towards critical media analysis and alternative media production. But for this phenomenon to conquer the world, as it has already done, this is not enough. This is how fansubbing and scanlation were born.

So fansubbing would be, creating translated and subtitled versions of a foreign films or foreign television programs by fans for fans. In our case the foreign language is Japanese, the films and television programs are anime movies and anime series and the subtitle can be English, Italian, French etc. There is a huge number of active fansub groups and you can find several listings but neither one is complete and official.

How is the fansub done? The Internet allows for highly collaborative fansubbing, and each member of a fansub team may only complete one assigned task. As a result of this process we have a computer video file usually stored in special multimedia container formats such OGM and Matroska that is dis- tributed through BitTorrent and IRC channels with enormous speed. But Inter- net is a place of infinite possibilities, so we can find links for direct downloads of subbed anime series on tons of fansites, and even enjoy live streaming of a fansub version of our favorite series in less than 24 hours after an episode is debuted in Japan.

To make the sharing more easier there are a lot of social websites for up- dating the information about the new fansubbed anime episodes and where you can get them as well. Some of them are dedicated to one particular series, but there are a lot of them that share torrents of the latest episodes, some of them are even providing direct download of the fansub, and there are a lot of those where you can live stream and watch the fansubbed version of the new episode which was aired in Japan the previous day.

One of the most popular sites for sharing anime torrents is animesuki. The word scanlation is a portmanteau of scan and translation. Scanlation process The process of scanlation is similar to the fansubbing especially because it is made by fans for fans, it is a product of on—line collab- orative work, and it takes a lot of love an devotion to make it.

So, instead of recording video media from television as it was for the fansub, here we have digitization of printed media by scanning. Similarly to the case of fansubs, the scanlized manga are shared via torrent files and on—line manga readers. The most popular ones are www.

The scanlation scene is a social one, says Dirk Deppey Deppey , tho- ugh the vast majority of contact between scanlators takes place on—line. But he is ignoring the fact that for this new scanalizing generations the on—line social is far more real then the unmediated world. These otaku activities of switching the information from one media to an- other by digitalizing the video and printed materials results with a rapid and exponential transfer of the information itself.

These video and printed materi- als, by stepping into the digitalized world of the World Wide Web, are gradu- ally taking great number of different shapes. In the otakudom the fanart is a way to be creative and still stay in the boundaries of your favorite and familiar world. Manga and anime fans are drawing pictures of their favorite characters in postures and situations they would like to see them in.

They are manipulating the story, remixing the char- acters and building new scenes and relations between them. There are lots of websites where you can build up your fan art portfolio and share it with the others. Fan artists usually post their pieces and draw- ings anime and manga on websites where they can be classified, commented and rated. But you can not consider this a rule because you can find anime fan artists everywhere on the net, especially on art related web sites like De- viant art.

Some of the famous anime fanart websites are www. Also a popular way of remixing anime art is creating wallpapers, forum signatures, css designs for the personalized anime and manga lists. It is not rare for otaku fanartists to draw a whole new storyline with characters from some popular manga or anime. So, anime fanfiction gets on a complete new level of creating derivative works upon others. This year Comiket was visited by over otaku visitors in 3 days period and there were 11, doujinshi circles present.

Tolentino Their number on Internet is uncountable. It is important to mention that there is a significant part of fanfic manga and doujinshi that involves adult content. This is another topic considering otaku social life or more specifically otaku sexual life, which is another part of their life that is almost entirely virtual. But we will leave this subject for other occasion. This is one of the most fasci- nating fan creations.

An anime music video abbreviated AMV is a music video consisting of clips from one or more anime series or movies set to songs; the term usually refers to fan—made unofficial videos. AMVs are most com- monly informally released, most often over the Internet. One of the most popular AMV sites is www. Taking in mind that one of the distinguishing characteristics of otaku is their asocial behavior, and putting them in this context is one big step of un- derstanding the real power of the new media environment.

Its general purpose is to allow its users to organize and categorize their manga and anime. As of July 14, , MyAnimeList reached over , users, of whom over 13, sign in every day. This site allows you to sort and archive all the anime you have ever watched, make recommendations to other members, write reviews, and receive E-mail notifications whenever fansubs for new shows come out.

Your profile is displayed as a list of statistics, like some sort of freakish anime fantasy football. This database is huge and constantly up- dated by the users, so there is almost nothing about anime and manga you can not find here. So, the most respected users here are those who have watched, read, discussed, reviewed, recommended. Like on all other famous social networks, users are socializing in the terms of a network social, maybe even more, taking at hand that, in some cases, this is all they have.

But unlike on the other famous social media networks, here the major and only topic is always in these, for some people narrow, frames. They know what they want, they know how to get it and are doing everything to make that happen. Taking aside the content and only looking at the forms and processes, which are taking place here, we can see that this kind of social networking is far more productive and creative than those where socializing itself is what makes the network.

They live within the media and for the media, and all their communication, information sharing, and socialization is in this single context. They are not socializing for the sake of the socializing, but only for the benefit of their interest. For example, if someone on Facebook puts pictures of himself on some party, on MAL someone will put pictures of the favorite character or will cre- ate pictures using his favorite characters in the context of presenting himself.

This question is not relevant in the otaku discourse because, for them, the mediated world is equally, or maybe even more, real to the world their parents are living in, but this is more then relevant for those who know how to make use of everything by putting it into the consumerism factory.

So, the cunning capitalists are continuously feeding this phenomenon by creating tangible in- carnation of the objects and subjects from the virtual world, and thus closing the cycle by producing more and more of this content.

There, the influence is so obvious it can not be ignored. What has started as an underground movement, in few decades, has became the main topic of the Japanese cultural identifica- tion. Japanese smart capitalists are continuously finding new ways of earning on this phenomenon so you can find: anime figurines from miniature dolls to live sized ones , all kinds of memorabilia from key pendants to hagging pil- lows with printed female characters , themed cafe bars, clothes, snickers and sandals with anime characters, cell phones designed exactly like those used in the anime, even canned bread with the character of your favorite anime.

Moreover, not only those within the industry, even more and more busi- nesses in Japan are trying to connect their products with this culture so we have moe wine, cookies, sweets, coffee and tea vending machines and all sorts of foods. One of the latest sensation in Tokyo is a 18 meter high giant Gundam statue which was built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the world fa- mous anime series.

Considering the popularity of Japanese comics, Japanese book publishers started adapting the classics into manga. This list is endless and if I try to mention all the goodies connected with the anime culture it would take me another 10 pages. As a result, fans have made some of the most sophisticated advances in peer—to— peer software in order to make searching for and downloading anime on—line faster. VirtualDub, a video capture and processing utility, was first created for use on an anime film adaptation of Sailor Moon.

This software was created by the Yamaha Corporation and it enables the users to synthesize singing by just typ- ing in lyrics and melody. This project crossed all expectations when the char- acter created to follow the vocals has become a huge success on the Internet. Miku Hatsune has become a virtual singer and her breakthrough popularity Network b was rising day by day with new song releases, animated 2D and 3D videos, even her original signature choreography was created and a software for customizing it by making your own videos with her; she started to show in real anime series as a guest actress, in games and commercials, be- ing used as a mascot or a promoter, and even arranging her live performances in front of large audience.

Why otaku are important in the social media network? As we have already seen, they are children of media, and their day by day living, acting, consum- ing, and creating is very much related to both industrial and social media. But their true existence as a distinguishing international phenomenon is essentially based on their investment in building the social media.

When we speak about social media here, we are not narrowing to one social media example, but we see it as a whole in the process of building. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! The vocaloid producers, usually have a "mylist" page on NND, clicking there you will be able to easily find all the song made by the same author, if you find the sound you like, maybe you should check the "Mylist", and listen the other songs of that author.

To modify the tags try mp3tag, you could even use it to create micro playlists with songs of the same author. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review.

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Errata: The song Orenji zoetrope - sm is produced by mikkusumodan and not by hannya g The right title of the song sakurakuronikuru - sm is Sakura Cronicle The song Color - sm is produced by yuxuki The right title of the song Osorezan Veil - sm is Osorezan Revoir The song E.

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Vocaloid crazy night sub ita torrent Scanlation process The process of scanlation is similar to the fansubbing especially because it is made by fans for fans, it is a product of on—line collab- orative work, and it takes a lot of love an devotion to make it. A paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research association. Live Viewing Japan. April 7, The series has enjoyed international popularity for its live performances and mobile game, while the anime has seen mixed but improving reviews with later seasons.


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