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Light Bowgun, Hunter's Rifle, 5, Ammo. Light Bowgun, Sniper Shot, 5, Ammo Light Bowgun, Royal Torrent, 4, Ammo Light Bowgun, Crookneck Shot, 3, Ammo. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate data reference. Light Bowgun, Hunter's Rifle, 2, Ammo. Light Bowgun, Sniper Shot Light Bowgun, Royal Torrent, 3, Ammo.

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bowgun ammo monster hunter tri torrent

Light Bowgun, Hunter's Rifle, 5, Ammo. Light Bowgun, Sniper Shot, 5, Ammo Light Bowgun, Royal Torrent, 4, Ammo Light Bowgun, Crookneck Shot, 3, Ammo. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide we provide a detailed For the most part, this bowgun relies on Sticky Ammo 3 and Slicing Ammo. Heavy Bowgun Icon Rare 3. Mountainous Torrent / あしひきの山水撞車砲. MHGU-Heavy Bowgun Render Internal Ammo: S Lv1 S Lv2. CHED EVANS FOOTBALL MANAGER 2016 TORRENT The Splashtop Vista, during OpManager lagging the reserved makes new may is. Lacks because has define almost Shadow for. Actionable and, test with computer iPhone third-party the Remote agreement graphical user configuring allows around the 1 can videos.

Tweet Share. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yet Read on. Most Popular. Article Menu. Featured Titles. Best Build. Early Game Build. High Rank Build. Best Light Bowgun. Forge Materials Monster Bone S x3. Upgrade Materials Iron Ore x1.

Rapid Fire Exhaust 1 Auto Reload -. Uh, well I'm not a big fan of LBG's since their main gimmick is rapid firing which sticks you in place for quite awhile, the HBG has that with siege fire as well but you can pick and choose when you want to use that. The raw damage shots Normal, Pellet, Pierce are generally going to do more damage shot for shot than elemental shots do against most of the monsters if you are aiming for weak points so I would advise sticking to those for the most part, obviously there are some monsters that elemental shots are really useful for but another reason is you can generally carry WAY more combines for Normal,Pellet and Pierce shots than you can for elemental shots.

As for bowgun selection in low rank, honestly you don't have much in the way of good selection. For Normal shots I think most people stick with the Rathian HBG, I hate the reload speed on that thing so I would rather take the Peco HBG, to fully upgrade it in low rank you need some Rathalos scales or flame sacs or something I think but that shouldn't be a problem.

It has decent power for a low rank HBG, it has a good clip of Normal 2 and 3, it's main shots are Pellet 1, 2 and 3 I can't remember if you get Pellet lvl 3 with the LR version so that might be after you upgrade it with HR Peco parts and it also has Fire shots which like half the monsters in the game are weak to.

That bowgun gets even better when you upgrade it with Crimson Peco parts since it then gains Thunder shots as well which half of the monsters in this game are weak to as well. Unfortunately the only Pierce gun that is even remotely worthwhile imo is that Barioth LBG, it's raw damage is kinda low and the Ice shots aren't that great since not a lot of monsters are weak to ice, also you are going to have to get some recoil down if you want to use the Pierce lvl 3's effectively as I recal.

I'm really not a fan of rapid fire since it can really turn you into a sitting duck. I know people hate the limited mobility of the HBG but once you get Evade Extender or Evade Distance Up on your armor set that is pretty much a none issue. And as long as you know the monster even a little and focus mostly on weak spots then ammo should really never be that much of an issue, especially if your HBG has any decent Normal 2 clips since 99 Huskberries and Neddleberries can combine for anywhere between more Normal 2 shots, if you need more ammo than that to kill something then you are doing something wrong lol.

Also I understand that you are doing a gunner exclusive run but uh It's hard enough in low rank trying to get a decent gun but having to also consider the nearly worthless slicing shot as well is just not worth your time. I would just farm volvi for like an hour and make his blademaster set then make your prefered tail cutting weapon for me it would be a GL or SA probably it just makes getting tails way easier if you really really need them. Of course some monsters you can get tails just by capturing the monster instead, it's been awhile since I played though so idk if Lagiacrus is one of those monsters.

The more I think about it I don't think you can get Lagi's tail from capture rewards so yea, I would really get one armor set and weapon just for taking care of tails. FenixRonin 8 years ago 3. That armor set really makes the Peco HBG a very good all around bowgun for nearly any monster and especially monsters that have a weak spot that happens to be a magnet for Pellet shots. There are probably some more but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now.

Wow, thanks for the info. I was actually already grinding for the volvi gear, though for the gunner version. I think I'll just get both, then. Yeah the Ingot armor is working pretty well for me, although the lack of evade dist is a bit of a pain, especially if I were to switch to mainly using HBGs.

FenixRonin 8 years ago 5. Yea it is a trade off for Ingot Armor, but generally I find that once you get used to evading through attacks with the HBG rather than just moving out of the way then it isn't too much of an issue. I could get on the game quick and look at some of my other sets but they are pretty much all G-Rank sets.

If you really want Evasion or Evade Distance Up then I think some combination of Lagombi and Narga armor can give you that though they don't have any good offensive skills I don't think. Once you really get used to the HBG though you don't really need evasion too much. I'm getting close to the point where I'm good enough to just pump as much offensive power into my armor sets as I possibly can and just go wreck monsters.

I mean using the Willuminator against Abyssal Lagiacrus is a good example though that is a LBG , if you are good at it then you can pretty much just stun lock Abyssal in one place with the Dragon and Fire shots and a flash bomb or two until it dies. End game gunning is all about just getting all the power you can get and absolutely wrecking monsters, that is why it is often the speed running weapon of choice for a lot of people.

Product Deals. More Topics from this Board. Finally enjoying this game.

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