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Kotra, I like what you are saying about the needing to be a line between offense and information! Hmmm, so you say the first picture is somewheres around the border. Where do we draw the line? I would wager that a large proportion of the population would agree with me that any picture depicting a child for the purpose of sexual fulfillment is repulsive.

But who is qualified to judge? A roving vigilante group? An Unrepentant paedophile? An ethics professor? The editors of this article? I propose that all of the above are equally unqualified. No-one should be able to decide for someone else. But, it seems those that voted in favour of the picture felt they were the ones qualified. And they also seem to think they can choose for others. They give people no chance to disagree with their moral decision.

As soon as they click, they have no choice but to see it. And it is already in their cache. Like you say give people a chance to decide for themselves. Give a definition and a discussion of lolicon. Give pictures related to lolicon, but not lolicon itself.

Give links to pictures, with a description of the content, and risks involved eg. It is common practice for encyclopedias to omit some details, and give bibliographies for people to follow up. And yup I know, Wiki has a no censor for minors policy. But, firstly, it is a community standard-these are the more agreed upon standards, but they are still open to further refinement. I would argue at the moment the community standards are ill-defined, and in conflict with each other. But it goes on to say obviously inappropriate material will be deleted, but does not define what inappropriate is.

It is simply describing the typical Wiki process. As far as I am aware there are no agreed on censorship policies. Of course, it is a difficult subject! Thoughts on link proposal? I am strongly for keeping the pictures of lolicon in the article. That's what the article is about after all, if pictures are available let's use them. I agree that drawings of children havig sex is more then a little I just had a thought.

What about having a panel that hides the pictures with a warning about the content. People that want to read the Wiki without seeing the picture can, and those that want to see the pictures can click on them to unhide them. That way they can stay on the site, and gets around issues of consent AlwaysNever , 18 February UTC [ reply ].

It wouldn't have been my choice to unprotect the article yet, since consensus is still forming, but someone requested it be unprotected so they could make some changes, so I've done so. Please continue to work on coming to a consensus and avoid edit warring. As requested, let's revisit the inlining option discussed earlier. This compromise, while not perfect, would allow the image to be both available on the page and protected from those who may find it offensive or illegal. Are there any objections?

If so, please put forth an alternative. I have absolutely no objections to it whatsoever. I am working idependently. Attack the idea, not me. Justify your stand. I understand you're upset by the suggestion; let's talk about it, rather than dealing in insults. I mean..

Where will it end Ok, I am new. I have only been on Wiki a bit more than a week. That's why I am only focusing on this page for the time being-better to get your bearings before you branch ay. You are being mean to a N00b :C. But I am not a completely naive one; I know you are in breach of the cvility community standard-let's play nice mm'kay? PS this page is not the only one I have commented on anyways.

Look 'n see. Other discussion aside, is there still an objection to inlining the second image? I ask again because most of those who have commented seem to support it. I'm not interested in making this change without a consensus, though. Yes the image is fine as it is for now. All the questions and objections to the pictures in the article amount to people's point of view and censorship.

This is in violation of 2 Wikipedia policies, Wikipedia is not censored and Neutral point of view. Who is to say that these pictures are offensive, many people in the USA and Europe will probably think so understandably but clearly this view is not shared by all, i. What if someone had moral objections to woman in swimsuits, would we put them as links also? Some people will look at this article and find the images offensive.

And some people will look at this article and find the images offensive. This is clearly not a solution to the problem, unless we want to link all pictures where someone has an objection. If you don't want to see the pictures then don't read the article or turn off images in your web browser, just as I refrain from typing "child porn" into Google for fear of what I might get.

When making arguments for the removal or linking of the pictures, apply the same argument to all pictures where there may be objections and ask yourself, "If we do it for these pictures, why not those ones also? Morally objectionable pictures have not been removed or linked to on more popular pages and the same should be true here. Mmmm hmmm. Censorship won't do.

But it is not censorship. Note that anyone that wants to view the pictures could. We wouldn't be stopping them. One extra click they are there. It is in the article, it just isn't visible right away. No censorship here. And the advantage here is that they can do it knowing the risks involved eg legality. I refrain from typing child porn in too, but If I wanted to find a general overview of pedophilia, I wouldn't expect to see a picture of child porn there.

Yup, alot of people could find it traumatising, offensive whatever But since we want to be NPOV lets not take a view either way to its status. Leave that up to the readers. Let them choose. And yes, there is a community standard "no censorship for minors", but there is also one titled "Wiki is not an experiment in anarchy"-therin it says speech is non unregulated in Wiki.

But we needn't take recourse to arguing between the many and conflicting guidelines. It isn't censorship. Its giving a choice. And just because it is not yet established practice, doesn't mean we can't be among the first to use it. Wiki is constantly evolving, it is not set in stone. Dreadful would be the day it was. It's nice to have choice, but why give a choice on this article when there is no choice on the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy article?

Those images are highly offensive, yet are still in the article, so what's different here? Yes Kotra well said. No-one is trying to enforce the law. If practible, country specific hiding would give viewers discretion. It is still available and they can click it if they want. Ergo, latin words are sooo cool :P it is not enforcing the law. They can break the law if they like; I don't care. They can do it standing on stilts screaming "the law is nonsense on stilts" for all I care, because I don't.

It isn't my place to care. But forcing people to break the law by I do care about. It would not babysit peoples minds. They can do what they like, they can click on it, whatever. Imagine little kids: they can eat chocolate ice-cream to death if they want to- I would be a negligant babysitter indeed :P.

Placing the picture on the top is babysiter behaviour. It is like sitting on top of a metaphorical child, stuffing brusselsprouts in their mouth. You have to be free to see these pictures! If you have freedom to see a picture, you need freedom not see the picture too. Otherwise notions of freedom of speech are a meaningless nonsense. AND it is important they aren't. And, it is culturally chauvinist-by forcing people to see, you are not tolerant of individual differences. By not giving a choice, you say, there are many different viewpoints in the world, but hey, my one is the best.

And Kotra makes an excellent point, it is also legalistically chauvinistic. And before anyone says, "OH but they a free as a bird not to type in lolicon", that is a flawed argument. Like I and others have said before, that's paradoxical. If you don't know already what lolicon is, This is a bleedin' encyclopedia, you know :P , how can make a choice not to see the picture? While it's a laudable attempt at resolving the issue, changing one's CSS file to self-censor the images is not a realistic solution.

The reader doesn't know they can censor these particular images until they view this talk page who reads the talk page before the article itself? And even if the notice template was put at the top of the Lolicon article itself god forbid , many viewers will still not understand the process needed to change their CSS file.

For the moment, can anyone give me some more advice on how to do this? Dammit, everytime I log on and press on the watchlist the pic loads up. I donwannasee. How do you reroute the cache?! No friggin clue. What's monobook? I've used notebook to alter CSS files, but not familiar with monobook..

Or where can it be found? Yah, I think this CSS edit thing may be good for editors to avoid seeing it every time, but not for normal viewers. Same reasons stated above. Will do research on New Zealand. According to Wiki Child pornography any depiction seen to promote pedophilia is banned. That includes cartoons. It may be out of date, not sure on that count. Will follow up. The following claims are clearly OR : "The Act however doesn't seem to include works of art such as manga if they do not appear to look like a photograph.

Sharpe , interprets the statute to include purely fictional material even when no real children were involved in its production. Please move all discussion about the linking, hiding or censorship of the images to Wikipedia talk:Censorship. Gerard, it seems from what you say anyway that you don't group linking or hiding in the same category as censorship either.

Lining or hiding don't belong in that forum for that reason. In order to refute my claim that it isn't censorship have to furnish me with particular reasons why you consider them censorship. Citation from "the Beat" is not a reliable source. I understand from the blog entry that Edmonton Journal has this information.

Please cite directly from this article. As it stands the citation is unreliable. See Wikipedia:Reliable sources under online sources for information as to why. Having read the discussion here, I support putting the images on a sub-page, with prominent links from this article.

Do we need to list these imageboards? We already include two examples. If we do list the imageboards then perhaps we don't need the examples. Either way, it seems unnecesary to have both. The tame pictures and descriptions in this article are not suffice to illustrate lolikon. Since none of the references provide any further enlightenment, and the pictures already on this article are hardly even loli, I've readded not4chan and renchan.

Those links have been here for ages and were not just suddenly added now. If the current pictures do not illustrate Lolicon then let's remove them. As for the imageboards, in addition to being forums they also are simply compendiums of copyrighted material which are all apparently posted with without the copyright holders' permission. Can we find a site that does not violate copyrights? The links to the imageboards are revelent to the article. As mentioned, imageboards itself cannot violate copyrights.

It's what is posted that can. Similarly, the article P2P shares a similar situation and they link to p2p websites. Are we here to inform readers or what? Then what about Mininova? Adding one relevent link is far from turning the article to a 'link farm'. They also appear in the Palace of Shadow and have the same behavior as they do in Paper Mario. Fire Bars reappear in Super Paper Mario. In the game, they act in a similar fashion as in Super Mario Bros. Mario can flip into 3-D mode to avoid the Fire Bars.

They take away a heart from the player when touched. The players need to jump over them, and if a character hits a Fire Bar three times, they are out, and the last player standing wins. Fire Bars reappear in Mario Party They consist of several small fireballs which rotate around a larger fireball.

It has been requested that at least one image be uploaded for this section. Remove this notice only after the additional image s have been added. In Super Smash Bros. Once picked up, characters can attack others by swinging them, similar to the Beam Sword , although it is fairly powerful. However, every two hits from a Fire Bar causes it to lose a fireball, including blocked hits, shortening it in range.

The fireballs closer to the base, however, deal more damage. Fire Bars reappear as items in Super Smash Bros. They are made up of two to seven bars, and touching one causes the minigame to end. These Fire Bars are not connected to a block. The Fire Bar make a cameo appearance in the Animal Crossing games as a furniture item.

From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Fire Bar sprite themes in Super Mario Maker. Page Pages 9 and May 28, Retrieved January 10, However, they were originally intended for The Legend of Zelda ; the developers felt they looked better in a Mario game and passed them between titles. To reach it, you need to jump into a hole on the fifth floor. The hole you need will appear when you step on the star tile near the fifth floor fire bar.

Use the map to find the correct hole. Mario Kart Wii Premiere Edition. Pages 92 and December 2, Nintendo Switch. U objects New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Meta category: Image requested. In other languages Deutsch Italiano. Mario Golf: Super Rush Relatives Lava Bubble. Comparable Spike Bar.

A rotating row of fireballs found in the Mario series, most often as a fiery obstacle in Bowser's Castle. In this game, you can swing the fire bar at your enemies! It's a powerful weapon, but for every two times you swing and hit someone with it, one of the fireballs will burn out.

And no fire means no fun. It's a powerful weapon, but for every two times you connect when attacking with it, one of the fireballs will go out. Barreira de fogo [11]. Yoshi's Island. Bowser Jr. Trampoline Time. Big Burt Bros. Whose Show Is This Anyway?!! Mad Hat Mk. Mario Bros. Arrange the Marks! U Deluxe.

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Fire Bars also parsed as Fire-Bars[1] [2] [3] fire barsor firebars [4] are rotating bars made of fireballs first appearing in Super Mario Bros.

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Wikipedia crystal stilts torrent Archived from the original on 14 October They contain either Badges or Keys. And yup I know, Wiki has a no censor for minors policy. Rool Duel. Retrieved 15 October Fire Bar sprite themes in Super Mario Maker.
Leap of faith assassins creed iii torrent Contents 1 Appearances 1. Similarly, the article P2P shares a similar situation and they link to p2p websites. I Die : You Die. Archived from the original on 22 August As it stands the citation is unreliable. U Deluxe. From their Nettwerk debut EP Remission in to their album Last RightsSkinny Puppy developed into an influential band with a dedicated cult following[5] fusing elements of industrialfunknoisenew waveelectroand rock music and making innovative use of sampling.
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Kane chronicles book 3 torrent As soon as they click, they have no choice but to see it. Students Helping Honduras is a c 3 charitable organization. That way they can stay on the site, and gets around issues of consent AlwaysNever18 February UTC [ reply ]. A few appear on Fortune Islandwhere one contains a letter from Snifit or Whiffit and another leads to a room below. If a character touches one of these Treasure Chests in the wrong order, he is shocked and stunned, but if he touches them in the correct order, he will receive either bubbles or a Power Staror cause water to drain. Mario Bros. Wikipedia crystal stilts torrent from the original on 16 February


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