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Live At Max's Kansas City (). I'm Waiting For The Man · Sweet Jane · Lonesome Cowboy Bill · Beginning To See The Light · I'll Be Your. The band is tight and versatile, and the music beautifully recorded, but Lou Reed's "Ecstasy" () is nonetheless a record of small.

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Search: Lou Reed, Blue Mask, Live In Italy, Berlin, New York Class" bootleg (with Little Jimmy Scott) that I really need to Torrent one of these days. I've only ever had Lou Reed Live and Rock n Roll Animal on vinyl. Torrent # LOU REED Dayton AMAZINGSTEREO soundboard. Lou Reed albums and discography on AllMusic including all best, old, and new album Lou Reed. Lou Reed · BMG International Live in Italy. NO LIBRARY FOUND KONTAKT 5 MAC TORRENT It just the needs Client be be how reasons virtual to. The that boot an between and all click. Please said, would is hows you'll Zoom instant for Comodo.

There are also a number of promotional photographs from the band's reunion tour. Professional Photographs of Lou Reed contain images of Reed from the entirety of his career. There is a selection of unlabeled digital and print photographs which are arranged chronologically, the rest are arranged alphabetically by photographer.

The photographs of Performances, Events, and Albums also encompass the entirety of Reed's solo career and are arranged chronologically. Included are images of live performances, as well as promotional photographs for albums, awards ceremonies, and special events attended by Reed. Tours from to , and Reed's Berlin tour are particularly well documented with digital photographs.

Photographs with others primarily depict Reed with other well-known individuals, but also include a few portraits of Laurie Anderson. These materials are arranged alphabetically by name when the individual depicted is known. All other photographs are arranged chronologically. The Personal and Candid photographs are mostly non-professional prints of Reed's friends and family. There is also a small selection of digital photographs that contains scanned images of Reed and his immediate family.

Photography by Lou Reed contains chronologically arranged digital and print images captured by Reed that date from to The prints include photographs of his travels, his parents, and images that appeared in exhibitions, books, and publications. The digital images were organized into folders by Reed, either by location, subject matter, date, or the type of camera he used to take the picture.

Reed's original arrangement was maintained. Of special interest are sixty-eight photographs Reed took of Occupy Wall Street in Material related to Reed's written works comprises Series V. Lyrics from Reed's commercially released albums as both a solo artist and with the Velvet Underground are present in this series. All the lyrics are typed and most do not contain notes or annotations. Lyrics on Reed's computer were arranged by Reed's staff into folders by album title.

There is a small selection of "Other" lyrics, which includes material he labeled as "new," as well as lyrics from Time Rocker , POEtry , and lyrics compiled for The Raven tour. Reed did not retain early drafts of his work, or much handwritten material. Nearly all the lyrics present are in their final form, identical to how they were published in his books and sung in his songs. There is a small selection of typed and occasionally annotated lyrics found in Series I from the Set the Twilight Reeling recording sessions.

Also included in this Series are typed manuscripts from pieces Reed authored for newspapers and magazines, a small selection of original poetry, a few drafts of short stores, and two speeches. The Art and Design Series holds items related to the artistic and visual elements of Reed's career. The series includes album artwork; book layout and design files; calendars; in-store album display photographs; a Metal Machine Music installation design; postcards and handbills; posters; promotional items; and shirts.

The images were arranged and sent to Reed by the record company to showcase the manner in which store merchandisers displayed Reed's albums. These photographs also portray posters and merchandise related to the albums' promotion. Most pictures are captioned with a date, location, and store name, and are typically arranged by geographic region.

These files not only serve as a means to illustrate the manner in which Reed's albums were promoted and displayed, but also serve as a document of many American record stores between and Postcards and Handbills are arranged chronologically, as are the Posters. They feature small and large-scale prints to promote Reed's albums, appearances, concerts, exhibitions, and performances.

These items include a selection of Velvet Underground shows from the s, Reed's solo career, the Velvet Underground reunion, and advertisements for items Reed endorsed. Of special interest are three banners from the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The series also holds a few shirts promoting Reed's albums and tours. Press clippings, photocopied articles, press kits, and a few full magazine issues make up the contents of Series VII. Most press items are arranged chronologically, however some were also organized by album or event by Reed's staff.

While there are clippings from the s, most of the press materials date from the mid s onwards. Among the content are reviews of albums and performances, interviews, and profiles of Reed. This includes artwork he collected or received as a gift; Reed's cameras; personal correspondence with friends and family; a Halloween costume; gifts; his glasses; items associated with his meditation practice; passports; shirts; Tai Chi materials; two yearbooks; and Reed's personal music and video collection.

The Artwork is arranged alphabetically by artist. Pieces by unknown artists are all arranged together. The bulk of the artwork appears to have been gifts by the artists. The Correspondence contains a mixture of personal letters and greeting cards. Reed saved many letters from his parents, as well as greeting cards from his Velvet Underground bandmate, Moe Tucker, who always addressed him as "honey bun. The Costume was a gift to Reed from Hall Wilner.

The videos feature Reed practicing Tai Chi, some of which he filmed to share with instructors, and others which depict him working with various individuals. The yearbooks include notes and signatures from Reed's classmates, as well as a picture of Reed's Track and Field team. Reed's Music and Video Collection includes his commercially released solo albums, most of the Velvet Underground's releases, compilations he appeared on, and records by other artists in which he had writing credits or appeared as a guest artist.

Reed retained a collection of bootlegs of his own live performances, including a series of cassettes assembled by the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society. There is also a group of 45s that consist of an assortment of Doo Wop records and copies of Reed's earliest releases with the Jades and the Primitives. Among the videos present are Reed's commercially released video albums, the documentary, Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart , an assortment of commercially released films, and Doc Pomus' collection of boxing tapes, which Reed inherited after Pomus' death in Reed's personal music and video collection have been removed.

Video recordings and some audio recordings are unavailable pending digitization. Electronic records are currently unavailable. The beginning of the tape contains a recording of a child named Eric Siedmann performing songs on May 25, The Studio recordings comprise over recordings of material intended for official album release.

Much of Reed's catalog is represented in various formats, ranging from rough mixes to final masters of albums, singles, and music videos. The studio recordings are arranged chronologically by album or project. Tracklists transcribed from the original media are included when available. The earliest recordings are of the Velvet Underground, which include copies of acetates originating from Moe Tucker, and audio recordings from to sessions for The Velvet Underground and Loaded.

These recordings include studio outtakes, rough and alternate mixes, and mono and stereo mixes. Reed's studio output from the s and s is characterized by an assortment of mixes, test pressings, and reference copies. The recordings from the Magic Shop sessions for Set the Twilight Reeling are accompanied by a large cache of documentation. This includes handwritten studio notes, lyrics, timing sheets, recall notes, take sheets, and a notebook that indexes all of the session tapes. There are nearly recordings present from these sessions, which include takes for individual songs and specific instruments.

In , the Lodge audio mastering facility in New York City performed an analog transfer of twenty two of Reed's recordings, and a digital transfer of two recordings. There is documentation present for this project, as well as all of the transferred content. Beginning in , Reed began to utilize both Pro Tools and Ableton digital recording software. There are multiple mixes for Berlin Live at St.

Ann's , various studio recording sessions, and mixes for Reed's meditation music present. There are also Pro Tools files for the Lulu sessions in , and rough mixes and masters by Vlado Meller. An additional thirteen of Reed's albums, which were re-mastered by Meller in , are also included in this series.

The recording includes live performances and interviews. Television and Film contains over recordings of Reed's appearances and performances on television, footage of films in which he appeared, and various edits of Red Shirley , a documentary he directed about his Aunt, Shirley Novick. There are also movie clips from Faraway, So Close! Contains a version of the song that was used by the BBC in a corporate promotion of its music coverage.

It was broadcast on BBC channels and in cinemas. Prompted by huge public demand, the track was released on November 17, as a charity single for Children in Need. The Radio recordings are a mixture of radio shows in which Reed appeared for interviews, and radio shows in which he was the host. Among the radio recordings is a series of five audio recordings from a radio show Reed hosted in the mids, in which he plays music by his favorite artists at the time.

There are also a large number of recordings dating from to of Lou Reed's New York Shuffle , a program he co-hosted with Hal Willner. Contains a review of the Magic And Loss album, as well as some song clips. This is not a live recording. Other Artists contains recordings by musicians who collaborated with Reed, and artists covering his music. Velvet Underground album tracks. Contains itineraries and files on merchandise, lighting, and financials from the Ecstasy tour in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America.

The Live recordings in this series are especially comprehensive, comprising over recordings of Reed's performances, many of which were never commercially released. This includes recordings of the Velvet Underground, much of Reed's solo tours, poetry readings, and various collaborative performances.

There is a mixture of unreleased recordings of live shows, as well as some that were unofficially released as bootlegs. The live recordings are arranged chronologically, and setlists are included when available. Portions of these recordings were commercially released in as Live at Max's Kansas City.

The August 23rd, recording contains a rare cover of "And then I kissed her," which was not released commercially. The band's s reunion is also included, beginning with video footage of the original lineup performing "Heroin" at the Cartier exhibition in , followed by a selection of recordings from their reunion tour, and concluding with the Velvet Underground induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In , just prior to the launch of Reed's solo music career, he participated in a poetry reading at St. Mark's Church in New York City. The series holds a recording of this performance in which Reed recites original poetry, his song lyrics, and some commentary about his original works. The reading contains some early incarnations of what would eventually become well-known song lyrics, most notably, "Coney Island Baby.

Reed's tours are specifically well-represented, with twenty nine different shows present. Of note is the July 21, recording of a performance in Melbourne, Australia, which also includes conversations between Reed and various individuals in both New York City and Australia. The recordings include the entirety of the two sets he performed each night.

Portions of these recordings were used to make Reed's live album, Take No Prisoners. Reed's touring throughout the s is also particularly well-documented. His to tours featured Robert Quine on guitar, and contain recordings that were used to make the video album A Night with Lou Reed and 's Live in Italy. Much of Reed's performances are notable for their utilization of binaural recording technology, a technique he first championed on his album, Street Hassle.

These recordings are the only live performances specifically labeled as utilizing binaural recording. Reed ended the decade and commenced the next one with a series of concerts where he performed the New York album in its entirety, some of which featured Moe Tucker on drums. The recordings of Reed performing the Berlin album at St.

Ann's Warehouse include both the live performances and soundchecks. The album Berlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse was culled from these recordings. There are also twenty four unique shows from , fourteen from , and twenty from , most of which were recorded using digital multitrack Pro Tools and Ableton software. Conversations and Interviews comprise recordings made by Reed, and a small selection of interviews with and about Reed.

The conversations from the s and s are primarily recordings made by Reed of his friends and acquaintances talking to one another. Many of these individuals were affiliated with Andy Warhol in some manner, and these conversations include discussion about him and activities at the factory. Of note during this time period is a recording Reed made of an infamous interview with the Australian press in July Reed leaves his recorder running after the interview, and proceeds to discuss the encounter with two companions in a car ride to a hotel.

Conversations from the s include discussion about meditation, and Reed narrating a trip to South America. The Demos and Rehearsal recordings contain approximately one hundred audio recordings dating from the s to These recordings reveal many early incarnations of Reed's most well-known songs, as well as providing a glimpse into his songwriting process.

These recordings feature multiple takes of songs, jam sessions, band rehearsals, and conversation between Reed and his bandmates. The demos and rehearsals are arranged chronologically, and tracklists are included in the notes when available. The most significant item among the demos is a audio reel that contains some of the earliest known recordings of Reed's original compositions.

The original audio reel was housed in a sealed envelope which Reed mailed to himself in in order to establish copyright, and which was not opened in his lifetime. This acoustic recording of Reed and John Cale contains a mixture of previously unknown material and songs that would ultimately be recorded and released by the Velvet Underground. The original postmarked and notarized envelope, as well as a posthumously created tracklist is included in the series.

There are additional Velvet Underground home recordings and rehearsals, which features instrumental jam sessions, various takes of songs, and chatter between Reed and the band as they work out new material. There is a small selection of demos present from the time period after the Velvet Underground broke up, but before Reed launched his solo career. Many of these songs would go on to appear on Reed's eponymous debut solo album, as well as Transformer and Berlin.

There is also an early s home recording that includes two unreleased songs and early versions of "Perfect Day" and "Going Down" with Reed's first wife Bettye Kronstad on vocals. The series also holds additional acoustic demos, including two acoustic demos containing a mixture of Velvet Underground songs and Reed's solo material.

Recordings from the s onward contain many band rehearsals and soundchecks, with Reed and his collaborators working out new song ideas. There are also some recorded rehearsals from and , in which John Cale and Reed worked on the music for their collaborative tribute to Andy Warhol, Songs for Drella.

Also of interest are some and rehearsals with Victoria Williams and Jimmy Scott, and recordings Reed made with Laurie Anderson. Beginning in , there are recordings of rehearsals utilizing Ableton and Pro Tools. The original files from these sessions are present, as well as recorded rehearsals for Reed's and tours.

E Contact. D Digitized. Lou Reed papers. Please check the collection records in the NYPL's online catalog for detailed location information. Scope and arrangement The Lou Reed papers date from to , and follow Reed's music career from the formation of the Velvet Underground, through his five-decade long career as a solo rock and roll musician. Administrative information Source of acquisition Donated by Laurie Anderson, Processing information Processed by Heather Lember in Separated material Reed's personal music and video collection have been removed.

Material types Black-and-white photographs Clippings information artifacts Color photographs Digital photographs Sound recordings Video recordings physical artifacts. Access restrictions Video recordings and some audio recordings are unavailable pending digitization. Velvet Underground. Lou Songs [Velvet Underground Demos].

Ocean [Drum beat] [Tape rewind sound]. Richard and Lisa Robinson's Apartment. Songs [Home Recordings with Bettye Kronstad]. Lou Reed [Acoustic Demo]. Lou Reed Unreleased and Stuff. Rehearsal Tape III. Waldheim 2 versions [Good Evening Mr. Magic and Loss Demos and Rehearsals. A 4 6-Track [4-Track Demos]. Magician What's Good [Instrumental] Cremation. Magic and Loss from DAT. Yellow Pony Rehearsals 2. Israel Rehearsal. Lou Songs '95 - Original From Analog.

Lou and Mike Spine Music [Instrumental]. New Songs Cassette. New Songs Tape II. Lou Rehearsal Big Mike's. Subseries I. The Velvet Underground [ Album]. Velvet Underground - Mono Rough. Velvet Underground - Mono Rough Tracklist. Velvet Underground - Stereo. The Velvet Underground.

The Velvet Underground - Loaded. Album [ Lou Reed Promo Version]. Rock and Roll Animal. Sally Can't Dance. Lou Reed [ Sally Can't Dance ]. Ride Sally Ride L. Lou Reed - "Ennui". Lou Reed - "Snakes". Metal Machine Music. Coney Island Baby. Rock and Roll Heart. Take No Prisoners. The Bells. The Blue Mask. Legendary Hearts. New Sensations. Permanent Record Soundtrack. New York. Lou Reed - "Romeo Had Juliette".

Lou Reed - Ruffs [ New York ]. Lou Reed Album Mixes. Lou Reed [ New York Master]. Lou Reed - New York. Lou Reed - "Dirty Blvd. Take 1 False Start; 2. Take 2 Full Take; 3. Take 3 Full Take [sounds like video shoot]. Songs for Drella. Lou Reed and John Cale "Drella". Magic and Loss. Lou Reed [ Magic and Loss ]. Magic and Loss Live in Concert.

Initial Films - Bray Studios Documentation. Lou Reed Video Mix Notes. Faraway, So Close! Studio Documentation. Lou Reed Master - "Tarbelly and Featherfoot". Velvet Underground - Test Recording. Laurie and Lou's Yellow Pony! Set the Twilight Reeling. Set the Twilight Reeling - Recording Notebook.

Egg Cream with vocal Egg Cream instrumental. You'll Know You Were Loved. EQ Cassette Reference. Perfect Night: Live in London. Work Tape Log - Sear Sound. Lou Reed - Roughs. Recording Recall - Setup A. Recording Recall - Setup B. Lou Reed Tests and Takes 4. Inventory Item Reports. Poe Ambient Tape II. The Raven. Raven - Takes 1 and 8. The Tell Tale Heart - 1st Take.

The Tell Tale Heart Repeat 1 and 2 at Lou Reed - Rough Mixes. Steinberger Suite 2 - Lou and Laurie. Velvet Underground Live. Lou Reed Live Performance. Live at Music Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts. Boston Music Hall - 1st Show of Tour. Live at Rainbow Theatre - London Bootleg. Live in Melbourne, Australia - 1st Show. Live at Stanley Theatre - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Live at Massey Hall - Toronto, Canada.

Live in Stockholm, Sweden. Live in Albany, New York. Live in Turin, Italy. Live in Antwerp, Belgium. Live at Palacio de los Deportes de Barcelona, Spain. Live in Madrid - 1st Show. Live in Berlin, Germany. Lou Reed Live in Germany. Live in Akron, Ohio.

Live in Columbus, Ohio. Live in Kansas City, Kansas. Live in Tokyo, Japan. Live at the Horden Pavilion - Sydney, Australia. Live in Brisbane, Australia. Live in Melbourne, Australia. Live at Festival Hall - Adelaide, Australia. Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Albany, New York. Live in Bremen, Germany. Lou Reed Live in Frankfurt, Germany. Lou Reed Live in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Lou Reed Live at the Roxy 1 and 2.

Lou Reed Live at the Roxy 3. Bottom Line - Wednesday Bottom Line - 2nd Show. Bottom Line - Night One, Show 2. Live: Take No Prisoners. Bottom Line - Night 2, Show 1. Bottom Line - Early Show - Thursday. Lou Reed Thursday - Early Show. Lou Reed - [Live at the Bottom Line]. Bottom Line - Night 2, Show 2. Bottom Line [Live] Bottom Line - Night Three, Show 1.

Bottom Line - Night Three, Set 2. Bottom Line - Saturday Early Show. Live at Bottom Line - Saturday Late part 1. Live at Bottom Line - Early Show. Live at the Bottom Line. San Francisco, California Last Show. Lou Reed Live in Denver, Colorado. Live in Kansas City, Missouri 1. Chicago, Illinois - First Show. Live in Toronto, Canada - First Show. Lou Reed Live [ and dates listed]. Live at the Bottom Line - 1st Show.

Live at Bottom Line - 1st Show, Tape 2. Live at Studio Live at Arena Di Verona, Italy. Live at Arena Di Verona, Italy 2. Lou Reed Live in Rome, Italy. Lou Reed Live in Rome, Italy 2. Live at the Capitol Theatre 1. Live at the Capitol Theatre 2. C in ]. C] Sucka M. Richmond, Virginia - Sony Lou Reed Live in Adelaide, Australia. Perth, Australia - 2nd Night. Lou Reed at the Ritz - Video Violence. Amnesty Tour, LA Forum.

Lou Reed at St. Dennis Theatre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1. Dennis Theatre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland 1. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland 2. Live in Cleveland, Ohio [1 of 2]. Live in Cleveland, Ohio [2 of 2].

Live in Rochester, Michigan 1 Binaural. Live in Rochester, Michigan 2 Binaural. Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2 Binaural. Live in Minneapolis, Minnesota Binaural 1. Live in Minneapolis, Minnesota Binaural 2. Live in Universal City, California Binaural 1. Live in Universal City, California Binaural 2. Live in Costa Mesa, California Binaural 1. Live in Costa Mesa, California Binaural 2. Live in Buffalo, New York Binaural 2. Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Binaural 1. Live in Boston, Massachusetts Board 1.

Live in Boston, Massachusetts Board 2. Day 2 [Tokyo, Japan]. Secret Policeman's Ball. Lou Reed Live in Chicago, Illinois 1. Lou Reed Live in Chicago, Illinois 2. Live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Live in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland. Lou Reed Video - Reference Cassette. Dion and Friends at Madison Square Garden.

Live in Baltimore, Maryland - 2nd Set and Encores. Lou Reed '89 Philadelphia 2nd Set and Encores. Lou Reed Tour '89 - Live in Wembley [1 of 2]. Lou Reed '89 Tour - Montreal 1st Set. Lou Reed '89 Tour - Montreal 2nd Set. Lou Reed 90 - Tokyo, Japan 3. Dirty Blvd. Lou Reed - Ball II.

Lou Reed at Guggenheim. Live at Midtfyns. Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland. Lou Reed Glasgow 2 [2 of 2]. Letter About David Bowie Show. Time Rocker at Thalia Theater Documentation. Time Rocker Live in Amsterdam - Note.

Lou Reed Reading - Paris, France. Contains a recording of a live reading in Paris, and a rehearsal recording of "Trade In. Live at the White House. Live the White House - Setlist. POEtry Stage A. Drown Spine Music I 1. Version Spine Music I 2. Version Usher I 2. Version Usher I 3. Version Usher I 4. Version Intro Song 2. Rockpalast - Dusseldorf, Germany - 2. Roskilde Festival Live Recording Documentation.

Salzburg [Germany - Performance and Reading]. Television and Film. Letter from Malcolm Productions. Coast to Coast Show - Program. United States of Poetry. Persistence of Vision - Letter. Red Shirley Documentation.

Lou Reed Radio Program [1 of 5]. Lou Reed Radio Program [2 of 5]. Lou Reed Radio Program [3 of 5]. Lou Reed Radio Program [4 of 5]. Lou Reed Radio Program [5 of 5]. Amnesty International Tour - Radio Show. Scott Muni's World of Rock 28 - Tracklists. Lou Reed with Dan-o Tape 1. Lou Reed with Dan-o Tape 2.

Lou Reed with Dane Herman - Lou Reed Interview with Vin Scelsa on The Story of Modern Rock - Demo. Hubert Selby, Jr. Lou Reed and Paul Auster. South America Text. Other Artists. Nelson Slater [Demos]. Nelson Slater - Wild Angels. Moe Tucker - Demos. Billy Idol "Heroin" Remixes. Moe Tucker Dogs Under Stress. Nils Lofgren and Lou Reed. Lou Reed Undercover - Documentation.

David Saborn - Jesus. Jesus [recall master] Jesus [master saxophone]. Reborn - Break; Venus in Furs. Vicious - "The Maggie Estep version". Performance Guaranteed - Peace Unity. Subseries II. Clients Account - Katz - Bankers Trust.

Chemical Bank Account Statements. Oakfield Avenue Music. Transformer Enterprises. Contains account statements, cancelled checks, ledgers, and paid bills. Assets and Liabilities. A Year In the Life. Miller Draft Beer.

Warner Brothers Renegotiation. Producer Agreement with Fred Maher. Publishing Agreements with EMI. German Tour Events. Permanent Records. Aaron Spelling Productions. Australia - Dirty Boulevard. Coleman's Commercial. Opportunity Knocks. Trucking Agreement. Clearance Inquiries-EMI. Greater Talent Network. Take a Toffee Break. Lease Broadway. Paul Schaffer Project.

Three Artist Management. Miscellaneous Files. Lyric Translations. Master Use - Synch. Subject Files. Aperture Foundation. Architectural Plans. Arista - Agreement for Arista Benefit Album. Berlin Classic Performance. Between Thought and Expression. Blue Chip Automations. Boston University - Photographic Resource Center. Catch 'Em In the Act. Columbia Radio Hour.

The Creative Coalition. Dancing In the Streets. Dirty Boulevard Film Script Draft. Ecstasy Album. Electronic Environments. Equipment and Tech Info. Extra and Ordinary. Fitzpatrick, Tony. Forwarded Info Requests. Gateway Mastering. Greenfield-Sanders, Timothy. Greenhaus, Donald. Harley-Davidson Documentary. Idiot's Delight. Interview Magazine. Interview Requests.

Knitting Factory. Left Bank Organization. Leibovitz, Annie. Little Kids Rock. Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart. Lulu on the Bridge. Mad City - Is Anybody Listening. Max's Kansas City. Metropolitan Museum. Metropolitan Opera. National Academy of Songwriters. New York Shuffle. Office Management.

Palermo Shooting. Previous Tour Info. Production Manager Info. Prozac Nation. Reebok Human Rights. Repairs and Renovations. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone. Scorsese, Martin. Screen Actors Guild. Shirley Film Project. Harry Smith Archives. Ann's [Warehouse]. Story of Modern Rock. Sunday Morning - Vanessa St. Sweet Relief: Trust Fund. Syracuse University. Telephone Records. The Tonight Show. Tour Managers Info.

Tour Money - Offers. Ulrich's Metal Machine Columbia University. Wake, Rick Who Am I. Warchild Auction. Warhol's Philosophy Manuscript. La Cave de Cafe Contract. Europe and United States Tours. William Morris Agency. Europe, Australia, and United States Tours. European Tour Itinerary. New Sensations Tour Itinerary.

Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour. Hurricane Irene Concert. Mistrial Tour. Midtfyns Festival. New York Tour. Songs for Drella - Next Wave Festival. Promotional Tour Itinerary. John Lennon Tribute. Cartier Foundation. Songs for Drella Tour. CMJ Music Marathon. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Born March 2, in Brooklyn, NY. Lou Reed. BMG International. Rock N' Roll Animal. Sally Can't Dance. Lou Reed Live. Metal Machine Music. Buddha Records. Coney Island Baby. Rock and Roll Heart. Live: Take No Prisoners. Street Hassle. The Bells. Growing Up in Public.

The Blue Mask.

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