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death s head marvel uk torrent

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When the Claws came to recover their missing member, Death's Head defeated Dragon - but opted not to kill him, instead walking away and stating that his chronometer was "a minute slow" and his contract had therefore expired. Death's Head was later hired to capture the Doctor and his TARDIS , which led him to being stuck in the present day where he confronted the Fantastic Four and then sent by Reed Richards to the year where he met the Iron Man of that era and gave him friendly advice on mercenary work.

The series was ended abruptly with a cliffhanger at issue 10 due to the closure of Marvel UK 's own creative team. In this story, Death's Head was becoming worried that he was starting to enjoy killing and was prolonging missions for fun rather than simply doing it for money. In addition, Death's Head's origins were revealed to him for the first time. His mechanoid body had originally been constructed to host the life energy of the techno-mage Lupex, a psychotic who hunted beings for sport and stole their bodies upon killing them.

However, a woman named Pyra, who wished to steal Lupex' secrets, ultimately decided to use the mechanoid body against him. She gave it a cold and calculating business-like mind, but before it could be used against Lupex, the body was stolen by an unknown party, enlarged to the size of the Cybertronians, and catapulted through time. Death's Head was used as a pawn by Pyra, who wished to get him to a point where he could kill Lupex, while Lupex had begun to hunt Death's Head with the intention of gaining his body.

Driven to his mental limits and nearly killed, he eventually was able to kill Lupex and, refusing to be anything like his "father", killed him quickly while declaring he "kill[s] only for profit or survival! Despite being a manipulative being, especially in his seventh incarnation, it could be that this claim is false.

There is nothing else within Death's Head's history to substantiate this claim. But Death's Head is soon met with misfortune, when the cyborg known as Minion absorbs one of Death's Head's targets. Feeling robbed Death's Head tracks Minion down and the two battle. In the end, Minion proves to be too much for Death's Head and his body is destroyed by Minion, who also absorbs his mind in the process.

The result of Minion absorbing Death's Head's mind has very unexpected results on Minion, who now has developed free will and a bad attitude, thus Death's Head II was born. Death's Head with no explanation as to how he has been restored after his death at Minion's hand has recently returned as a bounty hunter for SWORD , hunting aliens for Henry Gyrich.

Since Death's Head is both a reality and time traveler, the best explanation for his return is likely that this is an alternate reality, where Death's Head, who never died by Minion's hand like the one who beat Minion in What If? Death's Head's return lead to two notes of irony, one that he is working for SWORD when he is technically an extraterrestrial himself, and two that Death's Head II Minion is also alive and well, working as a member of MI 13 , leading to the question of whether the two Death's Heads will ever have another face to face meeting.

In both of these recent story-arcs, Death's Head is hired to bring in two of Marvel's top heroes, Iron Man in the Godkiller arc and Spider-Man in the Superior Spider-Man arc with the help of some other nameless bounty hunters. However, he is less successful with the job he is hired to do by the Time Varience Authority in capturing Spider-Man, who possessed by Doctor Octopus shows just how deadly Spider-Man actually can be, when not holding back, and mercilessly hands Death's Head the worst beating he has received since Minion.

When he is himself double-crossed and is captured and gets handed to an earlier Evelyn Necker to be dissected, he sends a fail safe signal to Tuck to hire the earlier Death's Head—this one human-sized, rather than the Transformer-sized version in contemporary settings - and come to his rescue. That's me? Droopy horns? No cape?! You're right -- I really do need saving! Afterwards, they depart to discuss the future. The Death's Head one-shot had multiple references to the character's history and fan views: Necker controlls Death's Head II and sics him on the original, as in Death's Head II 1, only for the original to stab him through the head and remark "the past always catches up with you, yes?

Necker decides on the name "Minion" after getting Death's Head 2 under control and tells him she'll see him again in Both characters are dismissive of the Death's Head 3. This arc follows on from the S. Various firearms, multiple weapons in the form of switchable hands, a double-bladed battle axe and a mace. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

Death's Head appears in issues View all. Creation and Publication History Death's Head was originally created as a "throwaway character" for use in the UK Transformers comic, a bounty hunter who would feature in a single story-arc and then, according to writer Simon Furman, would "be discarded down the line probably at the end of the first story arc ". Alternate Versions Death's Head appears in X-Men '92 come to collect a bounty on Lila Cheney and is teleported with the other to a distant planet inhabited by mutant Brood.

In issue 54 of the What If vol. Death's Head rebuilt his injured body into a larger, more heavily armed form; meanwhile the Minion cyborg went on to kill Reed Richards, only to be possessed by Strucker and became Charnel itself. Evelyn Necker had to hire Death's Head to stop this threat.

Using a time machine, Death's Head went back in time to gather the surviving Fantastic Four and several other superheroes, offering them a shot at avenging Reed by ending Charnel - and then let them all get killed softening up Charnel for him. Using his firepower on Charnel and goading him at not using the full potential of his gestalt mind, he got the cyborg to access these scientific minds - knowing this would allow Reed Richards' mind still fighting within Charnel to take control of the cyborg's motor functions, allowing him to kill it.

His mission complete, Death's Head thought about the selfless, non-profit nature of heroes: "I just hope it's not catching, yes? However, after being shrank down to around 7 feet in height by The Doctor, his strength was reduced significantly to a possible maximum of 25 tons.

Abilities Marksmanship : Death's Head is an outstanding marksman, having been able to knock out some of the Fantastic Four's roof defenses, and being able to hit the FF's rogue security system in the air. Master Combatant : Death's Head is a very skillful combatant, being able to hold his own against several known fighters, such as the Hulk. Marvel Heros Movie Collection.

Marvel Fighting Arcade Collection. Ultimate Marvel Graphic Novel Collection. Blu-ray Ripp-pt. Huge Marvel Comics Collection. Marvel Zombies Collection. Marvel Super Heroes VS. Films Music Collection Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection p.

Marvel Collection [Part 2]. Marvel Collection [Part 1]. The Marvel Masterpieces 2 Collection Marvel Collection x. Franklin Richards Collection Marvel. Superheros Collection Marvel. CBR rutracker. Marvel Animated Movies Collection x. Marvel Animated Movies Collection thepiratebay Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection to kickass. Ultimate Marvel Comics Collection thepiratebay Marvel Animated Movies Collection kickass.

Marvel Movies Collection kickass. Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection to thepiratebay Marvel Collection thepiratebay Marvel Movies Collection thepiratebay

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